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2460129 - Error: The file size exceeds the maximum file size limit - BizX


You are trying to attach a file in any of the various pages in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, such as Candidate Profile or Employee Profile, but you get the following error:

The file size of [file_name] exceeds the maximum file size limit of [numeric_size_value] kilobytes or the file size is 0


  • SAP SuccessFactors b1705
  • BizX

Reproducing the Issue

This issue can be reproduced in any field of the application that includes the option to attach a document. Here is one example:

  1. In the Home Page go to the Main Navigation Menu
  2. Select Employee Files
  3. Scroll down to section Functional Experience
  4. Click on Edit in Certificates/Licenses
  5. Click on Add
  6. Scroll down to Document
  7. Click on Add Attachment
  8. You get the error



This error occurs when a user tries to attach a document on to a field but this document exceeds the maximum size value limitation set on the system. The following points provide further information on this:

  • SuccessFactors allows you to impose limitations on the size of documents attached to fields. These limitations are always set in Provisioning, but they may also be defined in the Data Model's field definition.
  • Document attachment settings in Provisioning apply to the entire system whereas document attachment settings in the Data Model apply to specific fields.
  • Settings in Provisioning look like this:


  • Settings in the Data Model look like this:


  • In the example above, the attachment size limitation for field "custom1" is specified in parameter max-file-size-KB and the value given is 1001 KB. This value will always take precedence over values defined in Provisioning.
  • Conversely, Provisioning settings will apply only when no setting is specified in the Data Model.
  • In Provisioning, the value of Attachment user limit takes precedence over the value of Attachment max file size. The system will use the value of Attachment max document size only if the value of Attachment user limit is set to "No Limit".
  • So in terms of precedence, SuccessFactors will always look first in the Data Model or else in Attachment user limit (Provisioning) or else in Attachment max file size (Provisioning).


For the field where the attachment is failing, find out if the field definition in the Data Model contains parameter max-file-size-KB, and:

  1. If it does, then this is the value being considered by the application.
    • You can alter this value and re-import the amended Data Model.
    • NOTE: this value can never be larger than the value of Attachment max file size in Provisioning, otherwise you will get an error when re-importing the new Data Model:


  1. If it doesn't, then you know that the application is looking at the values set in Provisioning.
    • To configure the attachment settings in Provisioning go to Document Attachment and configure the settings as follows:


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