2458817 - Scheduled Workflow Rule to Trigger an E-Mail After a Defined Duration Does Not Work

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2458817 - Scheduled Workflow Rule to Trigger an E-Mail After a Defined Duration Does Not Work


You have configured a scheduled Workflow rule that is expected to trigger an e-mail to the recipient after a defined duration of time, but it does not trigger a mail after the defined duration.

In our example scenario, let us consider a Workflow rule that is scheduled to trigger an e-mail to the Owner responsible of a Lead, one minute after the Lead is created.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Administrator Workcenter
  2. Navigate to Workflow Rules View
  3. Click on New
  4. Create a new scheduled workflow rule as shown in the screenshot
  5. Now go to Sales Workcenter
  6. Navigate to Leads View
  7. Click on New and create a new Lead ABC
  8. There is no e-mail triggered from the workflow after the duration defined

Scheduled WKF.png



The issue occurred because you defined the workflow rule to trigger an e-mail, one minute after Lead creation; on the field "Created On" which is of type "date". So for the Lead ABC, which was created on let's say: 01/10/2017, the time of workflow execution would be one minute after the midnight (since the field is of type "date"), Hence, it would be 00:01 AM, which is in past of the time of creation of the Lead ABC, consequently, the rule  execution gets cancelled with the reason that it was supposed to be executed in the past.


To prevent this from occurring, modify the rule to trigger the e-mail one minute after Lead creation on the field "Creation Date time" which is of type date/time.

So now when the Lead will be created, the execution time of the workflow rule would be one minute ahead of the exact time of creation.

See Also


If the Lead is created at 10:00 AM, then the rule's execution time will be  at 10:01 AM and it will not get cancelled in this case as it is the future, unlike in the previous case.


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