2456875 - Error in Employee Creation: Business Partner Already Exist

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2456875 - Error in Employee Creation: Business Partner Already Exist


When you are trying to create an employee, an error message appears:

Business Partner XXX already exist

Reproducing the Issue

1. Go to Administrator workcenter.
2. Select Emplyees.
3. Create New employee.
Save failed.


Each Business Partner has an Internal-ID ex: Customers, Contacts, Employees, each. In addition, employee has an Employee-ID which is not the same as the Internal-ID.
Now employees are normally stored as Internal-Id the range from 8000000000 to 8999999999. You have few employees which are created and alreday occupied till number range 800000000X.
In the number range-configuration the next free number of the interval is set to 800000000Y. Next time you try to create an employee, the system will try with 800000000Y and this will fail because this Internal-Id is already occupied by an employee.
It will then try with 80000000Y+1 which will also fail untill the range which has already been used 800000000X.


Follow the steps below:
1.Go to Business Configurations workcenter.
2. Select Implmentation Projects view.
3. Select Open Acyivity List.
4. Under Fine Tuning Activitis search General Business Partners.
5. Select Number Ranges for Business Partners and change the Begin Number of interval Internal: employee, initial sys buildup to 800000000X+1 which is the next free number.


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