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2455677 - Reminder email to Hiring Manager while candidate is at the NES Step


We want the onboarding system to sent a reminder mail to the hiring manager in case the activity is still in the NES step.

We want this mail to be sent 14 days and 7 days before the actual hire date from the employee.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding - Notifications


The logic behand the reminder notification when we do not know the StartDate.


Calculation is done as:

  1. StartDate minus 14 days. So first notification will be sent 14 days before the StartDate.
  2. StartDate minus 7 days. So second notification will be sent 7 days before the StartDate.


To set the Notification reminder user needs to create four notifications. Two Custom Notification Points and two Real Notifications.


First Step

  • Create a Custom Notification Point(Fake) notification to set the logic as an additional event. This is the Custom Notification Point.
  • Set a name that is understandable by anyone who read it. For example: CNP_StartDateMinus14
  • As we do not know when the StartDate is, it is advised to set the Custom Notification Point(Fake) as Notify at: Create Activity. This is the trigger initial point.


Second Step

  • Create the reminder for the Custom Notification Point(Fake) notification. Here the Due Date must be equal to Start Date
  • Set Remind when 14 days Before Due Date
  • Stop Status - Send Once . This will set fake notification to be automatically completed by the system.
  • This is to state that 14 days before the start date the system will attempt to send the fake email and trigger the initial point.


Third Step

  • Create the real notification (N1) CandidateOnNES. Here you select the Notify at: Notification Triggered.
  • Select Due By StartDate
  • Click Create the notification


Select the new created notification and set the advanced conditions to be triggered based on Custom Notification Point(CNP_StartDateMinus14)


Now set the advanced condition based on key NESCompletionDate NotExists or NESCompletionDate Exists and NESCompletionDate Equal no value(Empty)


  • The system will trigger Custom Notification Point(Copy CNP_StartDateMinus14) with event Notification Started and Notification is Completed. Nobody will receive it but there will be registration of this notification on audit trail in backend.
  • Then the system sets Custom Notification Point (Copy CNP_StartDateMinus14) with status "Completed automatically" and this will trigger the real notification.
  • The system then will check the advanced condition for NESComplitionDate if the conditions match system sends notification to Hiring Manager.

Fourth Step

  • Copy CNP_StartDateMinus14 and make it with same settings but the reminder for 7 days.
  • New fake notification CNP_StartDateMinus7 to trigger second reminder


Fifth Step

  • Copy CandidateOnNES and make it with same settings but advanced condition trigger point will change to CNP_StartDateMinus7


However if you want a simple reminder 14 and 7 days before StartDate and does not matter if candidate is on NES or not,

Please set the Notification as:





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