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2452389 - Supervisor View shows incorrect Effective Date of revised Items for subcurricula from the Parent Curricula details page


  • Supervisor View (My Employees) shows previous Effective Date of revised Items for subcurricula from the Parent Curricula details page
  • Viewing the Items from the child curricula details page shows the correct Effective Date


  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

Setup of the Item Revisions and Curricula to Subcurricula:

  1. Create an Item with an Effective Date of Aug 28, 2012
  2. Create a Curricula (will be sub/child) and add the above Item
  3. Create another Curricula (will be parent) and add the above child Curricula as a subcurricula
  4. Assign the Parent Curricula to a User
  5. Revise the Item from step 1:
    • Number: 2
    • Effective Date: future date (ex: Apr 17, 2017)
    • Do note inactive previous revision (as Rev 2 is not yet in effect)
  6. Save
  7. All views of the Parent & Child Curricula show the correct effective
  8. EXCEPT, Supervisor View of Parent Curricula details

Reproducing the Problem:

  1. Login (or proxy) as the User above's Supervisor
  2. Navigate to Home > My Employees
  3. Highlight the User with the assigned curricula in the left menu
  4. Click the Curricula pie chart in the Status: UserName tile
    1. ClickCurricula.png
  5. Instead of expanding the Parent Curricula, click it
    1. ClickParent.png
  6. You'll see a list of the Items that are included in both the Parent & subcurricula
  7. Click "more" for Rev 2 of the Item
  8. Note the Effective Date shows Aug 28, 2012 instead of the expected Apr 17, 2017 
    1. WrongDate.png


This is currently being investigated by Product Engineering under LRN-17408


This issue has been corrected in Learning Release b1708


View the Item details via the Subcurricula Details Page:

  1. Click the Child Curricula (subcurricula) from the My Employees > Employee > Curricula page:
    1. ClickChild.png
  2. Expand the Item by click More & note the Effective Date is correct
    1. RightDate.png


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