2449815 - People Profile Wizard : Percentage Calculation

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2449815 - People Profile Wizard : Percentage Calculation


People Profile Percentage Completion:

Queries have been made by customers inquiring how the percentage is calculated when navigating thorugh the People Profile Completion Wizard.

As you can see from our example below, this user is currently attempting add information to their profile.

To the left are all portlets which have been configured to show on the user profile.

In our example below you can see that we have a total of 20 portlets configured.

The user has updated 4 out of 20 of these portlets as indicated by the "Green Check Mark", indicating that the portlet has been successfully updated with information.

The percentage complete therefore shows 20%. 4 / 20 = 20%.



  • HCM - People Profile
  • All Versions

Reproducing the Issue

  • Complete My Profile Wizard


  • Appears when filling the People Profile completion wizard with data.


  • Percentage breakdown is based upon the total amount of portlets configured within the Profile Page.
  • Each Portlet (Including the Profile Picture) is given an equal breakdown of the 100%.
  • EG 10 portlets : 10% each.


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