2448421 - How to change the Due Date in a job requisition after it has been approved?

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2448421 - How to change the Due Date in a job requisition after it has been approved?


A job requisition gets approved with an estimated Due Date; but for some reason the requisition takes longer than usual. In that case, you would want to change (or extend) the Due Date of the requisition.


Use the "formDueDate" field to capture the due date on requisition. Below is the exact field definition to be added in the Job Requisition template  of your instance:

<field-definition id="formDueDate" type="date" required="true" custom="false">

<field-label><![CDATA[Form Due Date]]></field-label>

<field-label lang="de_DE_SF"><![CDATA[Form Due Date]]></field-label>

<field-description><![CDATA[Form Due Date]]></field-description>


Please raise an SCR incident with Cloud Product Support, if you want to get the field configured as shown above.

If you use the "formDueDate" field, you may need to create an email notification for the hiring manager to notify that the Due date has been changed. You can do that in Admin Center >> Recruiting Email Triggers >> Requisition Changed trigger.

This field can also be used to send requisition approval reminder notifications using the Document Due Notification template in Admin Center >> E-Mail Notification Templates Settings.


  • This field cannot be disabled. If configured on the XML, the Due Date field will be shown on the requisition form; otherwise it will still show up on the short requisition creation page.
  • Due Date is a standard system field and cannot be configured as reportable. The field will show up in the ad-hoc reports, but it will not pull any values.




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