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2447374 - "The requested operation is not available" error when launching SCORM content


When launching SCORM content, the following error is encountered:

Please report the following error to your administrator.

The requested operation is not available. If you continue to experience problems, please contact your administrator, referencing ticket #<numbers>. "


Learning Management System (LMS)


  • Deployment location is not setup correctly
  • Content not imported correctly into the LMS.


I. Check the following points:

  1. Get the iContent services enabled before you import the content on your instance.
  2. Check the web server you are attempting to upload your content or already uploaded.
  3. Check if any deployment locations set-up in your system. Check II section below for this.
    (System Admin > Content > Deployment Locations)
  4. Customers can avail of our own SFTP icontent servers but this needs to be provisioned and requires a separate CS ticket to request it.
  5. Or you might want to upload your content to a Third Party server in which case a Cross Domain solution is required. 

When you use the Content Import tool it uses the "URL Prefix" configured here to launch the content. If there is no deployment location set-up (and therefore no URL Prefix) then there is no path to upload the content to via the Content Import Tool. Note that the Import Tool will always be successful even if there is an issue with the deployment location and the content has not actually been uploaded to a web server.

Looking at the Content Object you have mentioned I can see that the correct file path has also not been provided. Remember this will be relative file path and not just the index.html file name, for example: :/learning/user/onlineaccess/ (if hosted on SF iContent server).

If you want to avail of our free 25 GB bundle hosting service then we have URL prefixes to add to deployment locations and content objects which are slightly different for each DC. For DC10 the URL prefix would be: :/learning/user/onlineaccess/
Once you can answer my questions above we can assist you further.

II. How to setup the Deployment Location and maintain the correct parameters for the content uploading?

  1. Once you receive all the parameters from our iContent Team, go to 'System Admin > Content > Deployment Locations'.
  2. Click "Add New" location from same page.
  3. Fill out the pop-up form with all the provided SFTP server details and url/folder/file paths required. These details will be provided once you have been provisioned with the storage space on your SF iContent Server.

2252665 - What is deployment location and how to set it up in LMS system from scratch ?

III. Error: "No Course exists with the given courseID 'CUSTOM_can'"

  1. It looks likes there is an issue with the URL prefix in deployment location and also with the launch URL in the Content Object.
  2. The url prefix for DC10 is as follows:
  3. Change this and try uploading the content again via the import tool as per below KBA:
    2075206 - Using the SCORM import tool to load content to content server - Learning
  4. Then add the new content object to the same item and try launching the content again.

IV. Troubleshooting:

  1. Issue for uploading content packages of a certain size, we recommend reviewing the settings in System Admin>Configuration>System Configuration> CONTENT_IMPORT and to adjust them as required. You can review the following KBA and verify the settings in LMS _ADMIN as per the intructions:
    2268232 - iContent upload problem-LMS

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