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2446855 - Unable to create Payment Information data for Future Dated Hire


When trying to create Payment Information data for a Future Dated Hire (someone who is hired with an Effective Start Date on a future date) after the Hire process is completed.

You are unable to create the Payment Information data for the Future Date Hire because of an error message or the UI does not allow you to fill in Required fields


Employee Central 2.0

Payment Information

Reproducing the Issue

1) Log into instance as a super admin user
2) Create a new Future dated hire (start date = 30/06/2017)
3) Save/Approve the Hire so they are then just pending future date
4) Try to create Payment Information for the employee via People Profile > Pencil > close the error that pops up (as defaulted date is on date where jobInfo is not available) > change effective date to 30/06/2017
5) Unable to create Payment Info as all the menu's are empty, so required fields cannot be completed


Because the UI cannot derive a Job Country value on the given start-date from Job Information data, you encounter the error. When you then "OK" the error and try to select a valid Effective Date (equal to or greater than the future hire date) the UI does not fetch the Job Country value - therefore you cannot create any data.


SAP SuccessFactors Development Engineering have fixed the defect in 1705 release, and the fix will be patched to the 1702 release via PTCH-25713 on 22nd April.

Until then, we recommend utilizing the below mentioned work-around in the interim, until a permanent fix can be provided.

Please do also create a Support Incident if you are experiencing this issue, and SAP Cloud Product Support will be able to keep you updated on progress. 



Please follow these steps to add Payment Information data for a Future Dated Hire

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Employee Export > Export Users and download the Basic User Data File
  2. Remove all "user" rows from the import file, except for the Inactive future dated hire you need to create Payment Info for
  3. Set the STATUS value to "active" and then save the modified export file to your desktop 
  4. Navigate to Admin Center > Import Employee Data > select Basic User Data import, choose the modified export file you had saved to your desktop in step 3, and import it
  5. Navigate to Manage Data > and select the Create New drop-down, and choose Payment Information
  6. Type the future dated hires name in the "Employee" box and select them from the list of active users
  7. You will then get an error message -:
    1. jobCountryerror.jpg
  8. Click on "OK" > then change the Effective Start Date to the correct future hire date > and then select the "Employee" once more, and this time you will not get an error and you can create the Payment Information data
  9. Once the Payment Information data is created > edit the modified export file you had saved to your desktop in step 3, and set the STATUS to "inactive" and save
  10. Navigate to Admin Center > Import Employee Data > select Basic User Data import, choose the modified export file you have updated in step 9, and import it


  • If you just try to change the Effective Start Date value first (in the method above), before selecting the user and getting the above error - you will immediately get the above error and the create session will cancel. You need to perform the steps exactly as ordered above.
  • Once you have completed all of the steps above, you will be able to go back to People Profile and view the Payment Information there.
  • You will then be able to make further corrections to the record via the History icon and Editing the record
  • Please note - using the Pencil icon will allow you to create a new record BUT, notice that the Effective Start Date is "Todays Date" and not the PP3 UI Effective Date - so, make sure you are still selecting an Effective Start Date equal to or greater than the Future Hire Date.



ECT-70501, Payment Info, "Sorry, it is not possible to maintain payment information if there is no job information or no country in job information." , KBA , LOD-SF-EC-PAY , Payment Information , Problem


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