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2440982 - Incorrect Manager Determination in Organizational Management


You are setting up the Org Structure for your Organization and observed below issues in Manager Determination.

Issue 1: Incorrect Manager for the Employees

Issue 2: Employee himself/herself is the Manager


Issue 1: Incorrect Manager for the Employees

The Manager assignment is based on the Reporting Line unit and if you assign an Employee to an Org Unit which is not a Reporting Line Unit then the system will find the next higher level Reporting Line Unit and the respective manager will be assigned as a manager too. If no other Org Units are marked as Reporting Line Unit then Manager field will be blank for those Employees.

Reporting Line Unit: This defines an Org Unit part of reporting line. The manager assigned to this org unit is considered as reporting line manager for approval tasks. No flag indicates that an assigned manager is treated as a Functional Manager.

Issue 2: Employee himself/herself is the Manager


-          Root Org Unit XYZ

  • Employee X and Manager Y
  • It is Reporting Line Unit

-          Child Org Unit ABC

  • Employee A and Manager A
  • It is Reporting Line Unit.

In this case, the Employee and the manager for the Org Unit ABC is A. This is expected system behavior.

If you do not want this to happen then you can consider one of the below two options:

The options you have are:

  • Assign A as employee to unit XYZ or
  • Remove the reporting line unit flag for unit ABC


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