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2440072 - What information do I need to provide when opening a case with Success Factors Customer Support


  • When I open a case with SF customer support what information do I need to provide
  • How do I create the perfect incident


  • Success Factors


  • In order to have support assist you right from the start with the correct level of attention, please provide as much of the following information as possible.


  • Customer Name:
  • Company ID/Data Center:
  • The support acccess username for your instance (only username is required):
  • Timestamp:
    Collect the timestamp just before you start replicating the issue.
    This will be used in case we need to check server logs as it has information about your session (which server your session was on, time and date of the session, etc..)
    See KBA 2284865 - Time Stamp Explained in case you need help locating the timestamp.
  • URL, this will identify if your instance is the production or preview environment and also elminates confusion regarding the company ID of the instance you are referring to:
  • Is the instace Live or still in test:
  • If in test, when is the go-live date:
  • Location of S-User (office / remote / VPN?):


We need this information if you are opening a Very High or High incident.
This is to help us prioritise in Support as well as communicate the relevant information to our Engineering teams if they need to be engaged.

As part of the Business Impact, please indicate the number of affected users.

For details on business impact and other important incident handling guidelines, see
KBA 2287393 - SAP Successfactors - information on support processes and case handling guidelines 


Issue/ current behaviour of the system: Describe what the problem is in a few sentences.
Example: When I navigate to the admin center > set user permissions > manage permission roles > select role "sytem admin", an application error appears

Expected behaviour: Instead of running into your issue, what would be the expected behaviour from your point of view ?
Example: Instead of getting an error message we expect to see the system admin role appear.

Replication Steps: Provide detailed steps to replicate the issue. Please provide accompanying screenshots showing what you are doing as well.
Make sure all screenshots are uncropped, meaning they show the full browser page including the address bar.

Step 1. Log into the instance with support accsess username "TestUser"
Step 3. Navigate to the admin center
Step 4. Click on set user permissions
Step 5. Select manage permission roles
Step 6. Select the role "system admin"
Step 7. The error appears


As part of your intial checks you may have already tested a few solutions based on existing KBA's.

Please make sure to document this so that we do not ask you to test something you already checked.

- Tested accessing the role with several other users (Users A, B, and C) and the error still appears.
- Tried using different browsers but the error still appears.
- Searched for KBA's but no solutions found.

If you are reporting a performance issue, have you already checked with their internal IT provider for local network issues.


List any attachments that you are providing us and a small description on what each attachment is.

- Timestamp attached see timestamp.jpg
- Replication steps documented and attached see replication.docx
- HTTPWatch trace recorded see Issue.hwl
- etc..


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