2438792 - Variable Pay - Top 3 Errors why the Employee Central History Processor job fails

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2438792 - Variable Pay - Top 3 Errors why the Employee Central History Processor job fails



Variable Pay integrated with Employee Central


1.   “Could not access code; in class: com.successfactors.hris.service.impl.Propertyresolver$PicklistOption.”

If instead of custom-string7 we decide to use the label or the code for this field (custom-string7.code or custom-strin7.label) we will not be able to import the History.


This happens as we have defined a picklist for custom-string7. That is a limitation to legacy picklists. By defining jobInfo.custom-string7 the system will return the option externalCode, and if the option externalCode doesn’t exist then it will return the option ID.


2.    "Proration is 0 due to decimal places of proration is too short”.

This error happens when there are assignments of days or maybe a single day and the decimal precision for proration is too small. For example, if there is an assignment of 1 day:


If our proration is using 2 decimals we are defining a proration for this assignment of 0, so when used in calculations:


Making the import fail.




The solution is to increase the number of decimals used by the proration field, for example #,##0.0000.

3.    "Cannot cast class java.lang.String to class java.lang.Number”

Happens when mapping custom-string fields to fields that require a numeric value. When that happens the system shows an error” as we are trying to convert text fields into number type fields and the ECT History Import fails to complete.



It is necessary to define the target fields as numeriv fields instead of string type.


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