2437951 - Learning: How Threshold and Reminder period in Learning expiration APM works?

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2437951 - Learning: How Threshold and Reminder period in Learning expiration APM works?


How 'Threshold' and 'Reminder' period works in Learning expiration APM?


Learning Management System


  • Learning Expiration APM is used to trigger

1. Expiration notification to user and supervisor

2. Overdue notification  to user and supervisor

  • The learning expiration automatic process sends notifications when it finds an item or curriculum for a user where the number of days left to the required date for the item or the next action date for the curriculum  is less than the number of days in the Threshold box
  • Threshold: You can enter a number of days into the Threshold box that the system adds to the current date. If that value is less than or equal to the required or next action date, then the system sends the first notification.
  • Reminder Period: Once the first expiration notification is triggered to uesr, the system then resends the notification based on the number of days you enter into the Reminder Period box.
  • For instance, Threshold = 2, Reminder Period =1
    • Item assigned user on 7th March with Due date as 10th March
    • First expiration notification is triggered to user  = 9th March (to make simple it is calculated as required date - threshold + 1 , 10-2+1 = 9)
    • Then onwards, user will receive reminder notification every day (reminder period: 1) until item is overdue
    • Once item is overdue (not completed within due date), expiration notification will be triggered to user based on the "Reminder Period". In this case every day untill user completes item.


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