2436570 - Basic search by extension fields does not return any results

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2436570 - Basic search by extension fields does not return any results


You try to search, via the basic search for a value which is contained in an extension field but the result is not as expected.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Service Workcenter
  2. Go to the Tickets View
  3. Select All from the dropdown list
  4. Search for ABC (ABC represents the example of the extension field)

Notice that no results are shown.


The system behaviour for the basic search consists in having a search limited to a fixed number of set fields, so if an extension field is added to the system, such field will not be searchable using the basic search unless the field is added to the advanced search screen via adaption mode.


In order to make the extension fields searchable via the basic search, the extension field must be added to the advanced search as well via the edit screen in adaption mode.

  1. Navigate to the Silverlight Client.
  2. Go to the Service workcenter.
  3. Go to the Tickets View.
  4. Select Adapt and enter Adaption Mode.
  5. Select the advanced filter to expand the list of searchable fields.
  6. Select Adapt and Edit Screen.
  7. Select Extension Fields then Advanced Filter.
  8. You should now see the extension field ABC, which you can make visible by ticking the visible box.
  9. Save and publish, if you are happy and want to have this setting available for all users.

The extension field ABC is now visible on the advanced search pane and can be searched for, using the basic search.



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