2434327 - v12 Succession Org Chart: Configuring Bench Strength indicator

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2434327 - v12 Succession Org Chart: Configuring Bench Strength indicator


To have the Bench Strength information in v12 Succession Org Chart


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  • SuccessFactors v12 Succession Org Chart
  • b1611 and later


This KBA is being migrated to Wiki Page Succession Org Chart - Configuring the Bench Strength Indicator and it will no longer be available after April 22nd, 2018. 

The system calculates the bench strength for each position based on the highest readiness level among all the successors nominated for that position. So if there are 5 successors for a position and if the highest readiness level among those 5 successors is only 1-2 years, then the bench strength reflects that value.

To configure Bench Strength in v12 Succession Org Chart you must have the following configured in your instance and making sure they mirror each other.

  • Readiness Rating Scale
  • Readiness Picklist
  • Bench Strength Picklist

Search for ‘Rating Scales’ in Admin Center to configure your Readiness Rating Scale


Search for ‘Picklists Management’ in Admin Center to export your Picklist file and see Readiness and Bench Strength reflects what you configured in your Readiness Rating Scale.


As you will notice in the above screenshots Readiness Rating Scale mirrors both the Readiness and Bench Strength Picklists.

Score 4 in Readiness Rating Scale is value 4 in the picklists for Emergency Replacement… and so on.

If you do not have yet the picklists configured please check this article that can help you.



Once the rating scale and picklists are already configured correctly, please contact Customer Success to configure your Org Chart XML in the Provisioning to have the readiness and benchStrength added.

For Implementation partners with access to provisioning, here is the sample Org Chart Configuration XML:

<gradientOption index="3" key="benchStrength" target="both">
<label>Bench Strength</label>
<label lang="en_US">Bench Strength</label>

<label>3-5 years</label>
<label lang="en_US">3-5 years</label>
<label>1-2 years</label>
<label lang="en_US">1-2 years</label>
<label>Ready Now</label>
<label lang="en_US">Ready Now</label>

<label>Emergency Replacement</label>
<label lang="en_US">Emergency Replacement</label>


Also, please make sure you have the bench strength added in the Data model XML in provisioning, see sample code below:

<standard-element id="benchStrength" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
<label>Bench Strength</label>
<label xml:lang="en-US">Bench Strength</label>
<picklist id="benchStrength"/>

Then grant the permission via Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > Choose a Role > Permission > Employee Data > Bench Strength

Manage Permission roles Bench Strength.PNG

Once all the requirements above have been configured Bench Strength indicator should now be available. Navigate to Succession Org Chart > search for someone with a successors and the highest readiness of the nominated successor must be showing in the upper left hand side of the org chart node. See example below.



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