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2434166 - Error in ODP Extraction: Source Not Found or Not Released


You are using the SOAP UI to access a data source that you have exposed, however you get the error message:

'Source ABC not found or not released (program RODPS_OS_EXPOSE)'

Alternatively, you may search for a data source in  BW, however you get the error:

'The DataSource ABC (ABC stands for the data source ID) does not exist'

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the work center Business Analytics, view Design Data Sources.
  2. Search for the respective data source ABC (ABC represent the name of the data source).
  3. Check the box Exposed - it should be ticked.
  4. Now open the SOAP UI and call this data source, or open your BW system and search for it.

You will get the above error even though the data source is exposed.


You have manually typed in the data source ID in the SOAP UI, and you have used the ID from the Cloud for Customer system and added the suffix 00$P. However, the data source ID is too long. In the ODP extraction, the data source ID is truncated after 16 characters.


When typing in the data source ID, please only enter the first 16 characters and then add the respective suffix for the ODP extraction. So for example, if you are trying to extract the data source SEODSRQINTERACTIONU01, the ID for ODP would be SEODSRQINTERACTI00$P.


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SAP BUSINESS BYDESIGN 1705 ; SAP BUSINESS BYDESIGN 1708 ; SAP Business ByDesign 1711 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1702 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1708 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer add-ins 1705 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer add-ins 1711 ; SAP LE APPL.PLATFORM 1702 ; SAP LE APPL.PLATFORM 1705 ; SAP LE APPL.PLATFORM 1708 ; SAP LE APPL.PLATFORM 1711 ; SAP LE APPL.PLATFORM 1802