2433914 - OData API to trigger Invite to Apply

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2433914 - OData API to trigger Invite to Apply


Would like to know how to use OData API to trigger invite to apply


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Basic Configuration:

1. In provisioning ->Company settings -> Web services -> Uncheck Disable OData API and 
2. Login to application, in Admin tools ->Administrative Privileges under Integration tools enable Access to all OData APIs 
(necessary add candidate to invite to Apply and to view respective odata dictionary function import/enitity details)
3. Make sure the email triggers are enabled either in Edit status configuration page or in Edit Triggers page for "Invite to Apply" status 
for both external/internal and agency candidates.

Once these basic configuration steps are configured, RCM user can use the below example of the Odata API Call.


https://<environment- domain>/odata/v2/inviteToApply?jobReqId=<<job req Ids>>&candidateIds=' <<candidate IDs who are already in forwarded status>>'

Eg: https://qacand-api-tomcat.lab-rot.ondemand.com/odata/v2/inviteToApply?jobReqId=20541L&candidateIds='18884,"12345'

where '18884' and '12345" are candidate IDs  who are already in Forwarded status for the job req 20541L to "InvitetoApply" status.

As an appropriately permission-ed recruiting user (that also uses an external CRM vendor, who has used OData APIs to create a job applicant in RCM) will have the ability to trigger the 'Invite to Apply' functionality through oData.

See Also

http://community.successfactors.com/successfactors/attachments/successfactors/ProductUpdates/105/25/RecruitingReleaseDetails_Q12017.pdf  page 11.


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