2424959 - Analytics : Limitation in 1702

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2424959 - Analytics : Limitation in 1702


  1. Download to PDF is only supported for Charts and is only supported in Chrome browser.
  2. Report to report navigation is not supported in smartphone (RUI).
  3. Navigation to object e.g. Account is not possible from Chart in Dashboard (RUI).
  4. In Dashboard Tables, Area chart, and funnel chart cannot be the source of an interaction.
  5. Display values not supported in area and funnel charts.
  6. You cannot pass relative selects as values for OData parameters and filters.
  7. Personalized parameters and parameters of hierarchy type are not supported for ODATA Filters.


KBA , SRD-CC , Cross Components , Product Enhancement


SAP HYBRIS C4C 1705 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1702 ; SAP LE APPL.PLATFORM 1702