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2424505 - LMS - b1702 Release Overview




We have created below KBAs which give you detailed walkthrough of some of the new features introduced in b1702.

1.2418453 : LMS - Deeplinks Wrapping (b1702)
     - This KBA article illustrates new enhancement feature (LRN-15706) for deeplinks wrapping in b1702 release. Customers now have the option to redirect users using native LMS direct links to BizX for authentication.

2.2419065 - LMS - User view calendar icon (b1702)
     - This KBA article illustrates new enhancement feature User view course calendar in b1702 release. User shoule be able to access course calendar based on the workflow.

3.2419181 - LMS - Learning Accomplishments (Product Enhancement b1702)
     - This KBA articles outlines workflows and configurations needed to enable Learning Accomplishments feature in Learning Management System.

4.2419698 - LMS - Collection Enhancements (Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-15609)
     - Admin can now view the direct link for the collection using the direct link wizard. Admin should now generate direct link for the collection. This link can now be used by the users to directly go to the collection.

5.2419680 - LMS - Connectors - Thumbnail URL for Curricula (Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-15611)
     - Admin can now include the thumbnail url for Curricula in the Curricula Connector. If you are using a connector to load curricula into the LMS, you can now designate a thumbnail URL for the curriculum. The URL should point to an image that acts as an icon for the curriculum. It helps users identify the curriculum at a glance.

6.2421355 - LMS - OCN - Content Provider Logo update (Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-15616)
     - If Open Content Network (OCN) providers follow the instructions to integrate with SAP SuccessFactors Learning, administrators can add the connection in Learning Administration. This makes it easier for you to sign up new OCN providers. As part of this change, you can add new logos for any new providers that you sign up. The new logo will be     visible to the users in the catalog search page.

7.2421933 - LMS - Scheduled Offering ODATA API -- Support Cancellation Reason (Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-15619)
     - PUT calls to scheduledoffering-service/v1/EnrollmentStatuses now include cancellation reasons, so you can describe why users' enrollment status changes when you call the API. Cancellation reasons are used in reporting to describe why users canceled (for example, personal reasons or schedule conflict). Earlier, the API did not support passing Cancellation Reason as a parameter. In the release b1702 we have included Cancellation Reason as a parameter to the payload.

8.2423138 - LMS - Enable Enforcing Approval when User Records Learning (Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-15009)
     - Currently when User records learning Approval Process is required only when e-signature is turned on. The enhancement is to enable Approval Process even when e-signature is not turned on. A new setting will be added to User Setting and Admin can select an Approval Process for Learning Events and External Events. This configuration applies only if e-signature is not enabled for the Item.

9.2422545 - LMS - Notifications - Notification with Cancellation Invite for Segment Deletions (1702 Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-15646)
    - When a Segment is deleted from the Offering, the LMS application will now automatically send update notifications to users.
A cancellation notifications would be sent for deletion of the offering with VLS segements and also for the customized templates at Item/Offering Level  will use the VCAL from the global template.

10. 2422576 LMS - Notifications - Organization ""From Email Address"" (Product Enhancement b1702 - LRN-13797)
      - Admins can now set "From Email Address" at Organization level for the notifications generated from the LMS.

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