2419074 - Updating Candidate Details in OnboardingCandidateInfo object-Onboarding

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2419074 - Updating Candidate Details in OnboardingCandidateInfo object-Onboarding


  • Change in Hiring Manager Name and respective candidate information in OCI Object(Onboarding Candidate Info).
  • Hiring manager was terminated or left the company, how do we process the activities assigned to that hiring manager
  • Is there a way to change the hiring manager or any candidate information in BizX
  • Create an OCI 


  • Applicable to All DataCenters.
  • Onboarding.
  • Manage data.


1. Login to the BizX instance
2. Navigate to Admin Tools > Import and Export Data
3. Select Export Data
5. For "Select Generic Object" select "OnboardingCandidateInfo" object
6. For "Select all data records" select "No"
7. Now, you can enter in the First and Last Name of the affected hire. Select "Export" when found.
8. Go to Monitor Jobs to download the file (here you can also check if the import was successful)
9. Open file with Notepad ++ 8. In the exported CSV, you can make direct data changes to the information the candidate has in their file. NOTE: You need to replace the data in the EXACT same format it was present (i.e. 11/23/15 to 11/30/15, and the Hiring Managers userId.   Note: please see screen shot of partial CSV file  and notice you need to put the the hiring manager's userid in the column named hrManagerId.  
manange Pending Hires.png

10. Once the changes are done and saved locally, go back to Import and Export Data.
11. Now, select 'Import Data'
12. Reimport the modified CSV, and the hire record will now show the changed data
13. Go to Manage Data
14. Enter OnboadingCandidateInfo and Candidate name
15. Confirm that the manager has changed
16. Go to Admin Center > Manage Pending Hires > Onboarding
17. Candidate should be available.


  • Manage data.
  • Hiring Manager.
  • Onboarding Candidate Info.
  • OCI.
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