2414228 - Unable to Create new project in Test System

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2414228 - Unable to Create new project in Test System


You can't create a new implementation project in your test system.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration and select Implementation Projects view
  2. Button New is disabled


This is a change project test system. The purpose this system is to test a project and merge the configurations with your production.
In this type of system, it is not possible to create change projects.


There two possibilities, as described below:

a) Request another test system as full copy of your production.
Creating a new test system as full copy of your production will allow you to create change projects to test settings out of your production. Nevertheless, as per standard SAP contract you are entitled to have 1 Test Tenant and 1 Production Tenant at any point of time. Therefore, you might not be able to request another system without terminating the current one. Another option is to purchase an additional test system.
See KBA "2136036 - How to Request a New System" for your reference.

b) Create a new change project in production and request a solution profile copy.
Requesting a solution profile copy will transfer the project from your production to your existing Change Project test tenant. This will allow you to change the scope of your test tenant without creating a change project.
Note the solution profile copy also creates a link between test and production. If your intention is to do free tests in system, but do not replicate the changes to your production you must not merge the project.
Once you finish the tests, you should Cancel the project. This way the production tenant will not be affected.
See KBA "2329588 - How to Use Copy Solution Profile Feature and its Purposes" for your reference.


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