2407713 - Text from User Created Account settings is not applied when user registers through external site

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2407713 - Text from User Created Account settings is not applied when user registers through external site


- Admin performs some modifications for text in SystemAdmin> Configuration> User Created Account> User Created Account Introduction and Success Message

- User tries to register through external site but text he can see differs from one set above


Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. As admin navigate to systemAdmin > configuration > user created account
  2. perform some modifications for user created account success message and introduction message
  3. save your modifications
  4. as a user navigate to external site and try to register yourself
  5. text you will see on this page is different as the one modified by admin


- this is expected behaviour because text modified in systemAdmin> configuration> user created account is not related with external sites,

- this is text displayed to user once he/she logs in to LMS as a user and click link NewUser?




- If you want to edit text for external sites, you need to locate labels that are in use by searching for them in References> Geography labels and change the text on the locale tab

- Labels used on external sites are following labels ID:

1. instruction.UserCreatedAccount.ApprovalRequired.IntroductionMessage1

2. instruction.UserCreatedAccount.ApprovalRequired.IntroductionMessage2

3. instruction.passwordvalidation.PasswordLengthRuleHint

4. instruction.UserManagement.PasswordPolicy

5. header.Site.AccountInformation

6. header.Site.ContactInformation

7. header.Site.EmployeeInformation

8. label.UserID

9. label.Password

10. label.ReEnterPassword

11. label.SecurityQuestion

12. label.SecurityAnswer

13. label.ReEnterSecurityAnswer

14. label.FirstName

15. label.LastName

16. label.MiddleInitial

17. label.EmailAddress

18. label.ConfirmEmailAddress

19. label.Country

20. label.CompanyName

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