2407500 - Tax Registration Number is not Valid

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2407500 - Tax Registration Number is not Valid


You are setting up the Tax Arrangements for Tax Authority and while adding the VAT Registration Number XXX for Company XYZ the error message is shown as Tax Registration Number not valid.

This Case Document is valid for the United Kingdom and some other countries, e.g. Canada.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Tax Management Work center.
  2. Go to the Tax Authorities view and to Tax Authorities sub view.
  3. Show All Tax Authorities and Find Tax Authority ABC.
  4. Select the Tax Authority.
  5. Choose Edit and then go to Company Tax Arrangements.
  6. Choose Add Row and Add Company, Valid From and Valid To.
  7. Go to Tax Numbers.
  8. Choose Add Row and Enter the Tax Registration Number as VAT Registration Number and the Tax Number is XXX.

You can see an error message Tax registration number not valid.


As per legislation in some countries, VAT Registration Number should start with Country code followed by numbers. This would be e.g. country code GB followed by numbers for country United Kingdom.


The system works as designed.


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