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2405401 - How to set up a SAP Jam Group Logo properly


How to set up a SAP Jam Group Logo properly


Very often it’s a bit tricky to set up the Logo/Picture/Icon for a specific SAP Jam Group properly.

First thing you need to know is that currently SAP Jam is expecting a Logo/Picture/Icon that is more or less quadratic, optimal is a dimension of 300 x 300, if not the corresponding Logo/Picture/Icon will be display blurred.

If, for example, your Logo/Picture/Icon has a size format of 3 x 2, 16 x 9 or whatever which is not quadratic, you need a specific picture program that is able to crop that Logo/Picture/Icon to a quadratic format, with the consequence you’ll lose a bit of the content of your Logo/Picture/Icon.

But in some cases it is possible to adapt the Logo/Picture/Icon with a few mouse clicks, so that it fits.

Let’s assume you’ve got a Logo/Picture/Icon like that


If you would place it this Logo/Picture/Icon into your SAP Jam Group like it is, it would look like something like that




Now let’s adapt the Logo/Picture/Icon. One nice little helper in that case could be Microsoft Word or any other word processor you’re using currently. Open a new page within Microsoft Word and just place the corresponding Logo/Picture/Icon with drag and drop on that page and place the logo quite central on that page. Now reduce the displayed word document with pressing CTRL and using the mouse wheel so that it looks like



The next thing you need is screen capture program that includes the functionality of talking a screen shot with a fixed region. Set up the region 300 x 300 pixels and take a screen shot of your Logo/Picture/Icon, so that it looks something like that


When now placing the adapted Logo/Picture/Icon into your SAP Jam group it will look properly


In some cases it could be possible that your Logo/Picture/Icon has a specific background color that you need to integrate into your adapted Logo/Picture/Icon.


This also should not a big deal, just look for a “Color Picker”, some screen shot programs already have such a color picker integrated, and determine the corresponding RGB value of the background color of your Logo/Picture/Icon.

Now set the determined color as background color of your Word document, do the same steps as described above and your SAP Jam group Logo/Picture/Icon should look like that.




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