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2403260 - "404 File or Directory not found" error when launching content


When trying to launch content the following error is received. Even though the content has been previously imported to icontent using the content 'Import Tool'

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SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

For the User to reproduce the issue, follow the below steps

  1. Open the course
  2. Try launching the content
  3. The error message will appear


Either the 'directory' is missing from the URL prefix or some additional spaces (as this space will appear in the 'Filename' path of the content object) at the end of the URL field in the 'Deployment Location'. This additional space is added as in the image below during content import.



  • Checking the Directory field:

The Directory specifies which directory the content will be uploaded to on the content server (icontent). The URL prefix specifies the launch path for the content. The URL prefix must contain the directory as well.


  • Blank Space after folder
    1. Go to Content->Content Objects
    2. Search for the Content Object that is showing the error
    3. Go to Launch Method
    4. Remove this additional space.


  • Check iContent folder structure path.
  1. Even after verifying all the above you still see a 404, the next step is to confirm the folder path inside iContent server is correct.
  2. In this case, you must have the iContent credentials in hands, otherwise, you won't be able to do so (please take into consideration that SAP does not hold any self-managed customer iContent credentials. Even though we provide the accounts to customers, it's their responsibility to maintain it.).
  3. Keep in mind that the Content Object Filename is divided in 2 parts: Prefixes (See this note) and Suffixes (iContent Folder Path).
  4. Prefixes are always the same*.
  5. Suffixes will always vary.
  6. Suffixes will always start after prefix part "self-managed/". Everything after the "self-managed/" is related to the iContent folder structure.
  7. Let's imagine that iContent folder structure is: LMS/Prod_Content/Compliance/index.html.
  8. Your Content Object Filename must be: "prefix" + "/LMS/Prod_Content/Compliance/index.html" (e.g. /learning/user/onlineaccess/
  9. After you log into your iContent account, you must see the folder structure as shown below:

* - It will vary based on the instance's datacenter.






  • PLEASE NOTE: "My folders" folder is not considered for this set up.
  • If the folder structure and/or "index" file does not exist inside the iContent account, that's why the 404 is being thrown.
  1. To fix it, you may either create the exact folder structure based on the content object's filename or set up a new folder structure and change it in the content object's filename.
  • If the folder structure exists but there are some divergence in the path (additional folders, index file or folder are named differently, etc), that's why the 404 is thrown.
  1. To fix it, you may either include the additional folders inside iContent folder structure or adjust the content object's filename to match what's inside iContent folder structure.

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