2401572 - List Values for Extension Fields - How to do using Excel Template

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2401572 - List Values for Extension Fields - How to do using Excel Template


Symptom 1: After to fill some Value List template, when you are trying to upload this file, the system stay thinking for a long time and does not complete the action.

Symptom 2: A dump will show up after click on Save.


Hibrys Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

In this case, we are using as example an Extension Field, that we are trying to upload the Excel file with the data.

  1. Go to screen where the field is shown.
  2. Click in Adapt button, on top right of the screen.
  3. Click in Edit Master Layout.
  4. After finding your field, click in the option Change Properties and after in Field Definition.
  5. In the tab General Data you will see the values for this field.
  6. Go to Edit the field.
  7. In case the field already has values, click in Download to get the CSV file. Update the file with the necessary changes, and save it.
  8. Click in Upload and select the Excel file, and select OK.
  9. The file seems that is uploaded. So click in SAVE.


Cause for symptom 1:

  1. You are not using the Chrome browser to upload the file.
  2. The file has more than 999 records (lines).
  3. In the file we have the columns are CODE, LANGUAGE, IS_DISABLED, DESCRIPTION. And the data related with IS_DISABLED was filled without space. E.g.: [1,E,,SAP OPTION].
  4. For translation of values: In the section Screen Texts for language, you already have maintained the new language before upload the file.

Cause for Symptom 2:

  1. There is a special character (e.g. &, #, @) in the CODE column for on or more value.


  1. Use the Chrome browser to try upload the file.
  2. Your file must have at maximium 999 records (lines). Also if you have more than one language for the field, the limit of records (values) for the field is the same 999.
  3. The values for the column (IS_DISABLED) should be " "(just space between the comas).
  4. For translation of values: You must first to do the upload of the CSV file and save it. After add the new language in this section Screen Texts for language.
  5. Remove the special symbol from the CODE column.

The coluns are CODE, LANGUAGE, IS_DISABLED, DESCRIPTION. And you must fill it was example below:


And in case you want update other language too, you can create a new row, changing the second parameter, as below:


So in your file you will have two rows with the same "CODE", different "LANGUAGE", same value for "IS_DISABLED", and same "DESCRIPTION".

When you are using more than one language, you must maintain values for both languages. (e.g. If you will use english, spanish and portugues as language and the field in default language has 10 values, the complete list will have 30 values, 10 for each language.)


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