2400377 - Limitations of HANA Live connections in SAP Analytics Cloud

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2400377 - Limitations of HANA Live connections in SAP Analytics Cloud


You are using HANA Live connections to create Analytic models and realize that there are some limitations compared to Planning models.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud


In October 2017, these are the known limitations. It is always recommended to visit the documentation of the product that you find in the See Also section in this KBA.

The following features are not supported for data sources that use live data connections:

  • In Models
    • Planning features
    • Definition of additional measures with complex formulas (LOOKUP, CAGR, SMA, YoY, and so on)
    • Using variables within calculations, if the underlying variable or input parameter in the SAP HANA view does not have a default value
    • Adding measures using the exception aggregation column Aggregation Dimension
    • Blending
    • Using the IF condition with dimensions
  • In Stories
    • Usage of cross-tabulation analysis based on remote models
    • Value help for parameters with value help view
    • Parent-child hierarchies are not supported by geomaps or widgets such as RSS feeds. Parent-child hierarchies are available in tables and charts.
    • Calculations: Difference From, Aggregation.
    • Blending. If one of the two linked models is remote, a warning appears to show that blending is not supported. In a table's build panel, blending is disabled if remote models are selected. However, links between remote models can still be created for use in story filters.
    • Hierarchies in Geomaps.
  • Other
    • Level-based hierarchies
    • Member order on key figures.

Using Time Dimensions

HANA Live connections do not display and use Time dimensions defined in your HANA Calculation View as the Time dimension defined in an imported model. The usual drill-down options available for imported models, such as quarter, month, etc. are not available for HANA Live Connections.

There are improvements coming soon to allow you to use the HANA Live time dimensions similarly to the time dimension in planning and imported models. This KBA will be updated when this functionality is available. You can also check the SAP Community where all the new features are announced regularly.

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