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2400090 - Guide to what is out of scope via Support for Onboarding Product - Onboarding


  1. We would like to create new/modify panel/form/notification
  2. We would like to change translation of dashbord/panel/ notification
  3. We would like to set/modify foundation import, change export settings



It is important to understand that there are limitations to the services that are provided by Product Support for customers and partners using the Onboarding product:

Out Of Scope Requests

For the following requests please connect with your SSEM (Sales Service Engagement Manager) or implementation partner or SAP Professional Services team.  

1. Training Partners or customers on information that is clearly available in the Implementation Guide: Support can provide basic answers to how-to questions, and help clarify any content in KBAs, Guides or the product UI. However if we detect that the request is not an answer to a specific defined need, but that the requester lacks basic product training, and is trying to get enablement or training on the area via an incident, customers and partners would be redirected to SAP Education options. 

  2. Provide access to Super Admin site
  3. Creating SFTP or provide access to SFTP site
  4. Creating Adhoc reports in provisioning - Support can provide standard product feature advice and guidance, but it is the customer's or partner's responsibility to own data, and the building of reports specific to the customer's business needs. We do not provide best practices or training or admin assistance on creating the actual reports. 
  5. Create jobs configuration in provisioning. Support can enable or disable switches for individual features a customer subscribes to, but do not deliver broad configuration changes that are not standard switches.
  6. When you need to update Employee Portal content.
  7. Configuration of the foundation import in Super Admin
  8. Configuration of export jobs in Super Admin
  9. Copy from stage/preview to production
  10. Update internal tables (for legacy customers)
  11. Restore forms if the forms were deleted/spolided via configuration issue
  12. For configuration and software changes changes please also see our ONB SCR article:

Tip: For best support results, partners are reminded that they need to provide full and clear details on thier requests. When accurate, clear and techincally specific information is not provided, it can cause delays in the incident handling process.

Always provide –

   - Clear, reproducible steps. It is often helpful to provide screenshots or a short recording showing the steps.

   - Any supporting information you can provide on the actions being taken, tested, or desired. 





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