2399747 - What data is expected to be returned in the Item Compliance Summary (CSV) Report?

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2399747 - What data is expected to be returned in the Item Compliance Summary (CSV) Report?


This KBA documents the expected data results in the LMS Standard Report 'Item Compliance Summary (CSV)'


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  • The description in the LMS UI of the Item Compliance Report:
    • "The Item Compliance Summary report provides an overview of each Item's completion data for required learning within the data range selected.  This data includes counts of learning events recorded, number of Users who completed the Item, the related Curricula, and average days remaining."
  • But what exactly does that include?


The Item Compliance Summary (CSV) report returns information on completed, required Items

  1. For an Item to appear in the report is must be:
    • Assigned to a User as Required
    • Assigned with a Required Date
  2. If the Item has not yet been completed by any of the users it was assigned to, the count columns will show as zero
    • These columns are Learning Events, Completions, Users and Average Days Remaining
  3. Once an Item has been completed by a User, these columns will increment when the report is run again

Important Note:

  • Once the Item has been marked as completed for a user, changes made to the Item will not change what's reported:
  • For example, if the Item was assigned without a Required Date and the User completed the Item (or was otherwise marked as completed), it will not update the total columns in the report
    • Adding in the Required Date after the fact will also not change the totals
    • The Item must be assigned as Required and with a Required Date prior to being marked as completed
  • Adding an Item to a Curriculum after it is marked as completed, etc will not add that Curricula to the report

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