2396705 - How to edit custom text using 3 Tier Language Packs

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2396705 - How to edit custom text using 3 Tier Language Packs


How to change the pre-delivered texts displayed in the UI?

  Example shown below:


  Here you can change the text highlighted to any text you would prefer, provided this text is supported in the 3 Tier language structure.


  • Employee Central
  • Recruiting Management
  • Platform
  • Succession
  • Learning
  • Employee Profile
  • Performance Management
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Compensation
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting Marketing
  • Integration
  • Calibration
  • Variable Pay


1. Set language to English Debug.



2. Get to the text which you wish to modify:

     If a tag is present in debug mode, then you can change the display text using 3 Tier Language Packs.

     If there's no tag present the text can't be changed via 3 Tier Language Pack.



3. Copy the reference tag and download the 3 Tier Language Pack you are using from Provisioning.


    After language is selected, change option to download from the dropdown menu.

    Download starts automatically.


4. Open the downloaded CSV in notepad++ (DO NOT open in excel as excel cannot handle all UTF-8 Unicode languages).



5. Open a new page on notepad++. In the first line include "Key","locale of the Tier 2 language pack"

    On every subsequent line include "name of key","text you wish to have"

    Save the file in the csv format.


6. Import the saved file.

    Screenshot for language pack KBA 8.png

7. Go back into the UI and you will see the changes.

    changes saved in UI.png


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