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2396681 - RCM2KMS Lookup Mapping(state,gender field) - Onboarding


  • RCM2KMS Lookup configuration.
  • When using standard panel, Home Address State, Home Address Country, and Gender field not mapping between ONB and EC


  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Configuration issue


If you are using Picklist in RCM side or in EC side and if you are using Lookup in Onboarding side,

then RCM2KMSLookupmapping will come into the picture.

Procedures to update RCM2KMSLookup Mapping file:

  1. Admin center--import and export data--select action to perform:Export data.
  2. select generic object:RCM2kmslookup mapping
  3. Click export.
  4. Go to admin center--monitor job--download the rcm2kmslookup mapping file.
  5. File will comprise of 4 fields:
    1. external code--It will be empty, when we uploading a file BizX will automatically calculate value for this field
    2. option id---it will get fetch from option id of picklist file for particular field(admin center--picklist management-download picklist file)
    3. lookup name---It will fetch Lookupname from data dictionary
    4. lookup code---It will fetch from reference files-data lists
  6. go to admin center--import and export data--select action to perform:Import data.
  7. select generic object:RCM2kmslookup mapping and import file into system

Example: Most frequent issues on Gender field and state field. Lookup name can be find from data dictionary fields import.

  • For state field:Lookupname is StateCountry
  • For gender field:Lookupname is Gender.
  • For Country field:Lookupname is RefCountry
  1. Under Admintools-> Setup Onboarding integration, we perform mapping between RCM and ONB
    For Example: Gender in Onboarding is mapped to Gender in RCM
  2. a. For the Onboarding field, BizX gets the corresponding RCM field
    b. For the RCM field, picklist id is retrieved from Job Requisition, Job Application and  Job offer templates
    For RCM field “Gender”, it finds the picklist id in job req template
  3. RCM fetches the option id from picklists for picklistId “Gender”
  4. ONB gets the LookupName Onboarding associated with Data Dictionary fields.
  5. With the optionid and lookupname (got in step 3 ,4), onboarding searches for lookupcode.
  6. For the corresponding LookupCode, Onboarding finds the lookupName and saves  the value in  data dictionary field which will be prepopulated in the panel.




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