2387426 - User Learning Plan report displays inactive items

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2387426 - User Learning Plan report displays inactive items


- Inactive items shows up in the User Learning Plan report, even if it does not appear in the User's Learning plan when you proxy


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Reproducing the Issue

1# Create an item
2# As as User, search for the item and assign it to yourself or you can assign the item to the user as an admin
3# Now inactivate the item
4# Go to Reports (admin end) -> Search for User Learning Plan -> Run the report for the user
5# You will see the inactive item in the report. If you proxy the user and look at the learning plan, you will not see the item.


If you look at the user profile in the admin end, you will see the item in the Assigned Items (inactive item). If you activate the item back and proxy the user, you will see the item appear again in the user's learning plan.


Technically, when you inactivate the item you are not removing it. Since, it is inactive and not available for the users to launch, it is just invisible but not removed from the learning plan of the user. Hence, you see the items in the learning plan report even if it is inactive.
Report shows whatever item you see, when you look at the user's profile from the admin end and look at the assigned items tab. As long as the item is visible there (active or inactive) it will show up in the Learning Plan report.
If you do not wish to see the items in the report then you will need to remove the items from the User's Learning Plan.

You can learn from here on how to remove items from user's learning plan


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