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2379196 - How to Import Labels in LMS


How to Import Labels in LMS?


  • SAP HCM suite
  • Successfactors Learning (LMS)
  • Learning Management System
  • System admin > Tools > IMport/Export labels


To Import Labels into target System:

  1. Navigate to System Admin>Tools>Label Import/ Export.
  2. Select "Import Labels"


  3. Browse The language pack file/ Label File.

    TIP: If you are creating a file to import labels in LMS please follow these steps:

    1) for each key that you want to add, search the Admin app (or do a DB query) to make sure that the Label (or key) does not already exist.
    2) If it doesn't exist, then add it to your text file. Please note that working in Excel might cause issues (trailing space, formatting, therefore we recommend building on txt and then importing in Excel)
    3) it must be in the form of the k-v pair Key/labelID=value/Label value), where the separator is an equals sign. example: label.Save=Save
    4) each key must have its own line
    5) every value must be ASCII, no utf8 characters.....
         a/to convert something like this (必须在调动的培训发 ) to ASCII, Use this:    
         b/paste this into that site and then paste the results into your text file label.Save=必须在调动的培训发 (I always do the entire's just easier)
    6/ save as
    7/you're ready to import the file.

  4. Click on Next and you can see all the labels which you are trying to import.


  5. Select Active Locale ID (Locale for which you want import the labels) and Use BY either
    - User (If the lable is only for user Side)
    - Admin (If the lable is only for Admin side)
    - Both (If it is used for both user and admin side). TIP: "both" is recommended to avoid issues

  6. Click on Finish.


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