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2375888 - How to avoid LMS Connector connection and performance issues


KBA highlighting pre-emptive steps LMS admins can take to avoid connector scheduled jobs failing due to intermittent connection or relating performance issues.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Schedule any connector job in the LMS
  2. Connector job failed with IO Exception Connection Error
  3. Error occurring intermittently


Intermittent performance and/or connection issues affecting the communication between LMS Connector and SFTP Web server during the updating process of a particular Connector job.


One way to avoid or pre-empt the connector failing due to intermittent connection and/or relating server performance issues would be to enable the following connector property in the Connector Configuration file in the LMS UI:


When the above property is enabled, the connector will make multiple attempts to retrieve the data file from the SFTP Web Server avoiding the connector failing when a connection is lost for whatever reason.

This property can be used as a global connector property meaning it is enabled for ALL connectors, or it can be restricted to just one or many connectors by simply explicitly including the connector prefix:


Enabling the above fetch-retry property will ensure that the LMS connector attempts to fetch the data file from the SFTP server more than once. We can go further than this by explicitly declaring the number of attempts the connector makes to fetch the file. For this we use the additional count property:



*Note - The default retry value is 2

Setting Duration of Connector Retry Attempt

Custom Duration can be set by adding property connector.input.file.fetch.retryAttemptDuration.<retry count> where <retry count> is the value of retry attempt. Duration should be in milliseconds. E.g.: To change the duration of second retry attempt, property connector.input.file.fetch.retryAttemptDuration.2=60000 needs to be added.
If no duration is specified then it is assumed to be 3 minutes.

Note: Setting above properties will affect all connectors. To change this property for a single connector, the specific connector prefix should be added.

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