2374728 - How to Create Supplier Invoice for Huge Number of Deliveries Quickly.

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2374728 - How to Create Supplier Invoice for Huge Number of Deliveries Quickly.


 How to create Supplier invoice for more than 100 deliveries (within a Single Purchase order or in different Purchase Orders for  the same Supplier).


System has a pop-up which the user can select more than 100 deliveries (within a Single PO or in different Purchase Orders for the same Supplier), where we can click on New Invoice with Delayed Verification option, all the invoices will be changed to status Delayed Verification in Process.

In this case the system assigns the delivery items to the invoice items in the background after we post the Invoice and thus time to create an Invoice is reduced.

You can automatie the creation of Supplier Invoices through delayed verification by scoping the below question as per the following:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Navigate to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the relevant Project and choose Edit Project Scope button.
  4. Navigate to the scoping activity Questions and expand the element Purchasing.
  5. Select and expand the scoping element Supplier Invoicing to select Supplier Invoices and Credit Memos business option.
  6. Select the question Do you want to use delayed verification as supplier invoice entry capability?.
  7. Choose the Next button and in the Review and Complete page choose the button Finish to confirm scoping changes.

Also note if this question is scoped all the all invoice documents you create will be with the status "Delayed Verification in Process" even if they have less than hundread  deliveries whcih will all be created from background.


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