2358511 - EM and EX are the same person for specific users - possible risks

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2358511 - EM and EX are the same person for specific users - possible risks


Manager and Matrix Manager are the same user for a specific employee


  • Performance Management/360
  • Goal Management/CDP





We do not recommend the scenario below:

Employee Brooke Brown

Manager Carla Grant

Matrix Manager Carla Grant

Employee  has as Manager and Matrix Manager the same person


This can lead to several issues within PM forms, 360, Goal plans , CDP and any other which uses xml roles as basis to control visibility and edit permissions

e.g. You have a PM form with route map steps only between Employee and Matrix Manager, you're using single, collaborative or iterative steps

It could lead to intermittent complications, e.g. while some forms don't appear in the Matrix Manager's inbox or instead in his enroute inbox, other forms don't show any issues

You might be able to resolve the visibility issue by routing the affected forms forwards and backwards, however, the main problem of a possible permission conflict will not be resolved by routing the PM forms forward and backwards


another example:

Goal plan of Brooke Brown

Manager Carla Grant has edit permissions and can add goals

Matrix Manager Carla Grant has no permissions to view and edit anything on the goal plan

If in this scenario Manager and Matrix Manager are the same user for one specific employee, it is not predictable what issues might occur as there is a conflict in system logic. How is the system supposed to recognize whether Carla Grant has permissions to edit goals and add goals or no permissions at all for Brooke Brown's goal plan?


These type of conflicts will affect any area that is controlled via xml permissions - see also knowledgebase article "2087940 - Explanation of User Roles (E, EM, EMM, EX etc.) and How Roles are Used in Forms & Routing Maps and all Modules - BizX Platform" to get a better idea of how many areas could be impacted.







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for support - please see as well the following engineering ticket for reference


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