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2358511 - Performance Management - Possible Permission Conflicts if One User has both EM and EX/EH role in the workflow


One user is both Manager (EM) and Matrix Manager (EX) for a specific Employee.


SuccessFactors Performance Management


We do not recommend the scenario below:

  • Employee: Brooke Brown
  • Manager: Carla Grant
  • Matrix Manager: Carla Grant

Carla Grant is the EM and EX for the E Brooke Brown.

  • This can lead to several issues within PM forms, 360, Goal plans, CDP and any other which uses xml roles as basis to control visibility and edit permissions.
  • e.g. You have a PM form with route map steps only between Employee and Matrix Manager, and you're using single, collaborative or iterative steps.
  • It could lead to intermittent complications, e.g. while some forms don't appear in the Matrix Manager's inbox or instead in his enroute inbox, other forms don't show any issues.
  • You might be able to resolve the visibility issue by routing the affected forms forwards and backwards, however, the main problem of a possible permission conflict will not be resolved by routing the PM forms forward and backwards.

Another example:

  • Goal plan of Brooke Brown
  • Manager Carla Grant has edit permissions and can add goals

Matrix Manager Carla Grant has no permissions to view and edit anything on the goal plan

  • If in this scenario Manager and Matrix Manager are the same user for one specific employee, it is not predictable what issues might occur as there is a conflict in system logic.
  • How is the system supposed to recognize whether Carla Grant has permissions to edit goals and add goals or no permissions at all for Brooke Brown's goal plan?
  • These type of conflicts will affect any area that is controlled via xml permissions - see  article "2087940 - Explanation of User Roles (E, EM, EMM, EX etc.) and How Roles are Used in Forms & Routing Maps and all Modules - BizX Platform" to get a better idea of how many areas could be impacted.

See Also

for support - please see as well the following engineering ticket for reference


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