2358049 - How to troubleshoot Dynamic List of Values (LOV)

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2358049 - How to troubleshoot Dynamic List of Values (LOV)


  • Dynamic LOV is not getting updated
  • Parameter Prompt box is empty
  • The list is missing some values
  • Incorrect values


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2011
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016
  • Business Intelligence Platform 4.X

Reproducing the Issue

Refresh Crystal report with Business View based dynamic List of values in BI Launchpad and observe one of the symptoms listed above.


There are many components and steps in the dynamic LOV generating process, so potentially it can fail at any layer. 


When Crystal Report of a classic datasource (not SAP datasource and no Universe) with dynamic list of values saved to BI server, it automatically generates the following objects in Repository:

  • Data Connection (DC)
  • Data Foundation (DF)
  • Business Element (BE)
  • Business View (BV)
  • List Of Values (LOV)
  • LOV Prompt prompt

And the List of Values object is associated with a new .rpt file saved to File Repository server.

When report with Dynamic LOV got refreshed, it first checks the Cache Server if the values are available in the cache. If not, it reads all the objects listed above to verify users rights/permissions and locate the LOV associated report in Repository. Then the report gets refreshed and results passed to Parameter's prompt as an html file.

The steps below allow manually reproduce some of the steps of the workflow and locate the cause:

  1. Start CR Designer and login to BI server (try with the actual Username and the with Enterprise Administrator to see if it makes any difference)
  2. Open the report with Dynamic LOV
  3. Right click on the dynamic parameter and select Edit
  4. Note the name of LOV Prompt group associated with the parameter
  5. Start Business View Manager, login to BI Server and select the LOV Prompt Group in Repository Explorer
  6. Click Show Referenced Objects at the top of the Repository Explorer, it should show all associated DC, DF, BE, BV and LOV
  7. Note the name of the Business View
  8. In CR Designer, create a new report by selecting Repository option in Database Expert, select the Business View, Business Element and click OK
  9. Insert a group based on the LOV value field and suppress the Details section
  10. Refresh the report and save it to BI Server. (Note the report is the exact copy of the report associated with LOV)
  11. Refresh the new report in BI Launchpad and see if you are getting expected results

For example, if the new report fails in BI Launchpad but could be schedule it could be just a number of records limit in Crystal Reports Processing Server. See: SAP KBA 1651124 - List of values does not prompt with data   Review 1856647 - *** Master KBA *** Summary of potential reasons causing Empty LOV prompt in Crystal Reports for more potential causes.



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SAP Crystal Reports 2011 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2013 ; SAP Crystal Reports 2016