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2357102 - Legacy Quiz Editor to Quiz Builder - What to Expect


  • What to expect during the phase out of the legacy question editor (PQE) and the introduction of the Quiz Builder functionality in 2017?
  • How to prepare and utilize the new Quiz Builder tool?
  • How a thousands of questions will be transformed from existing form to new form which is now accessible in learning management system?
  • Will data/question migration be supported?


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


Following Information about Quiz Builder and Exam Builder:

  1. The Legacy exams (PQE) will be phased out and be replaced by the new exam tool “Exam Builder” – this is entirely separate from the Quiz Builder tool.
  2. Exam Tool and Quiz Tool will both be available for customers this year.
  3. Question pooling will be supported with our new Exam tool (not the new Quiz tool).
  4. The new Exam tool will be released in the first half of 2017.
  5. Quiz questions and Exam questions will have no link to one another.
  6. New Exam questions will be unrelated to PQE questions and one's questions will not be usable in the other's tool.
  7. PQE will not be retired right when we release the new Exam tool; it will continue to coexist with it to allow you to migrate your data.
  8. Data migration details will be provided in 2017.
  9. Product Management has reassured that:
    "We understand that some of our customers have a lot of data in PQE and would need sufficient time to migrate old data, validate to detect discrepancies/issues, deal with change management, etc. PQE relies on older technology and part of replacing functionality that relies on older technologies is to discontinue providing support on the older tool (as that becomes harder and more costly) and focus on the new tool. As Quiz Builder gets closer to achieving parity with PQE we will evaluate options, provide a migration path of the old PQE data to the new tool and also give you adequate notice before we deprecate PQE."

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Resources surrounding the phase out of the PQE tool and the implementation of the Quiz Builder on:

Some Q&A:

  •  Will quizzes have an objectives field and a question bank/library?
    • No, they will not.
  • If quizzes will not have the same functionality as exams, will a tool be made available to convert existing quizzes to exams? 
    • No, no such tool will be provided. 
  • We have admins currently creating quizzes that they anticipated linking objectives to.  If they can’t link objectives to quizzes, they would like to convert the quizzes to exams when the tool is available.
    • They can do so by exporting the existing quiz questions and importing them using the (exam) question library import. 
  • Will quizzes continue to be enhanced?
    • Yes.
  • What are the enhancements planned and the timeline for each enhancement?
    • That is a roadmap question and we do not provide detailed roadmap on features. Image support and additional question types such as essay and hot spot are two features you can mention – those are on the long-term roadmap (2018) because we are currently focusing on building out the new exam tool.
  • Should we instruct our admins to create new “exams” using the PQE tool so the exams can be converted to the new exam or can they create quizzes and convert the quizzes to exam?
    • I would say the latter. Advise the customer to try exporting some quiz questions and importing them as exam questions (once 1608 becomes available); as long as they find that process straightforward, they will know that they have an easy migration path regardless of our ongoing development efforts. 


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