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2349390 - Once Daily Recurring HRIS Sync Running Multiple Times


The customer finds a recurring HRIS sync job scheduled to run once daily runs multiple times a day. In this case, the job syncs compensation data. When this job runs more than once a day it causes problems with the customer's business process and reporting.


This problem occurs due to the manner in which the SF API processes data during upsert (import) execution. The scenario presumes the SF API is enabled for the customer's system.

When the system executes the SFAPI upsert process a series of events occur:

1. SFAPI upsert process executes which

2. Triggers import engine which

3. Triggers HRIS sync engine

4. A scheduled recurring HRIS sync job is automatically selected then run 

The system triggers a schdeuled recurring HRIS sync job to ensure the imported data is synced between Employee Central and Standard fields. Ordinarily this is not a problem. However, in this case several scheduled recurring HRIS sync jobs exist; One for standard daily HRIS sync and one for Syncing compensation data only. The order in which system selects a recurring HRIS sync job to run during the API upsert process resulted in an undesireable outcome, this is, a recurring daily HRIS sync job for compensation data being run each time the upsert process occurrs, which is frequent.

During SF API upsert process execution a scheduled recurring HRIS sync job is selected automatically then run by the scheduled job framwork using the following rule :

1. The sync framework will try to use definitions in the recurring HRIS sync job with the latest updated date first.

2. If there is no latest updated date found, it will use the recurring HRIS sync job with the last modified date/time.

In this case, the scheduled recurring HRIS sync job selected automatically during the API upsert process was not a job the customer wanted to run more than once daily. Ordinarily, if the system selected the standard Daily HRIS Sync job no negative downstream affects would occur.


There are two methods which can be employed to correct the problem:

1. Determine which scheduled recurring daily HRIS sync job is acceptable to run during API upsert process execution and edit it then save; This will satify the rule regarding latest modified date.

2. Create a new schduled recurring Daily HRIS sync job containing no checkboxes selected; The API upsert process will execute this recurring HRIS sync job since it will satisfy the rule regarding the last created/modifed date.

Note: You will need the assistance from either your implementation consult or support representative to modify or create a new scheduled recurring HRIS sync job.



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