2348810 - Roambi Card Linking To a Downloaded RBI

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2348810 - Roambi Card Linking To a Downloaded RBI


Use Case
  • One Parent report (Card)
  • One or many child reports (Catalist, SuperList etc.)
  • Each user or business group will get a "set" of the above reports from a batch process


SAP BusinessObjects Roambi Cloud


  • All reports should be in sync folders
  • All sets of reports should have the same name/title
  • Instead of using a unique ID in the launchpad link, you can specify the name of the child report.

    • Instead of: roambi://business-test.roambi.com/?protocol=https&account=6b933273-5909-4654-b8f4-f7d5ef503730&document=4b0f8c83-699f-4c5c-a37a-b081487286f5&portal=rfs&type=document

    • Use Something Like This: roambi://business-test.roambi.com/?protocol=https&account=6b933273-5909-4654-b8f4-f7d5ef503730&portal=rfs&type=document&title=card-linking-child
  • The RBI must already be downloaded to the device for this to work (should use sync folders)
  • If the RBI is not on the device, the user will receive an error. It will not go to the server and download a child report (because we have no idea which one).
  • This only works with Analytics versions 7.4.3+ and Android 1.0.6+. 


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