2348221 - Cannot ADD, DELETE and COPY competency in the LMS

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2348221 - Cannot ADD, DELETE and COPY competency in the LMS


How do I add the competency in the LMS?
I do not see the Add Competency in the LMS.


Successfactors LMS
Learning Management System


If your LMS is integrated with the Bizx, then you do not have the ability to add or delete competency in the LMS.


- If you are integrated, then run the competency connector to import the connectors from the Bizx. (System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> Bizx - successFactorsLearningEnabled=true)
- When you have the above configuration enabled, Add competency, Copy Competency and Delete Competency workflows become unavailable in the LMS)

- If you are not integrated with Bizx, check the configuration to ensure that 'successFactorsLearningEnabled' is set to false in the Bizx configuration file.
- If the above configuration is false, then go to your admin account under System Admin -> Admin Management -> Search for your admin account and under Assigned Roles, check for your Role ID
- Then navigate to System Admin -> Security -> Role Management -> Give the Role ID and Role Type select ADMIN -> Search
- Open the Role ID -> Workflows -> Expand All -> Search for 'Add competency' and Delete Competency, if you see the workflows and still do not have the option to ADD, DELETE and COPY the competency, then raise a ticket with the Customer Support.
- If you do not see the workflow, then under Add a Workflow to the Role, click on Add one or more from the list -> Search for the workflows and add.


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