2347654 - Global Assignment: Host Country Address Type - b1605

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2347654 - Global Assignment: Host Country Address Type - b1605


In b1605, you can now add an employment-specific address for an employee on a Global Assignment. It is now possible to maintain Home and Host address information for employees on Global Assignment.



1. Import the new "host" addressType value via Admin Center > Picklist Management 


The external_code must be set to “host”. The recommended label is “Host Country”. In the UI, the picklist value will be displayed as “Host Country Address”. You can also download the latest picklist data via the SAP Help site (section "Reference Information > Employee Central Master Data Models/Picklists and MDF Files)

Additonal Configuration (Optional):

As part of this enhancement, there's a new technical field introduced in the homeAddress element called "emp-user-sys-id". As the Employment Users Sys ID is a technical field, it is not visible in the UI. Therefore, no changes to the SDM are necessary.

On the other hand, if you want to import address records for the "host" address type, the following entry must be added to the homeAddress HRIS element (<hris-element id="homeAddress">) in the Succession Data Model

     <hris-field max-length="50" id="emp-users-sys-id" visibility="view">
        <label>Employment Users Sys ID</label>

During import, the emp-users-sys-id must be filled with the users sys id of the Global Assignment.
- In CSF Succesion Data Model, hris-field id="emp-users-sys-id" must not be configured.

How to use Host Country Address:

- The “host” address type is NOT available in the address type picklist during new hire/rehire.
- This can only be used if Global Assignment is enabled and if an employee has a Host Assignment.
- Users can only create host country addresses when they have switched to the host assignment. The start date of the host country address must be later or the same as the start date of the global assignment.

Host Address.png

host Address save.png

- Once a host country address is created, it is visible, editable and deletable from both host and home assignment.


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