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2345096 - Frequently Asked Questions on Data Cleansing


Following are the generic queries on Data Cleansing.


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Q1. Can we delete a merged account?

Answer: No, we cannot delete a merged account once created in the application.


Q2. Is it possible to avoid copying relations Account Team (Party Role) after merge?

Answer: No, it is not possible to avoid copying relations Account Team (Party Role) after merge.

       Case1: When there is a Main user for Account Team in surviving account and no Main user in the duplicate account:
                  Ex - When the option Main while adding Account Team (Party Role) in Cust_A is selected and Cust_B is not selected, the system shows Surviving and Duplicate Account Managers details in the merged account.
                  Expected behavior.

       Case2: When there is a Main user in each account:
                  When the option Main while adding Account Team(Party Role) in Cust_A as well as Cust_B is selected.
                  Again both the Surviving Account Manager and the Duplicate Account Manager details shows in the merged account, keeping Surviving Account Manager as Main.


Q3.  Is it possible to transfer visits with surveys while performing account merge?

Answer: No, it is not possible to transfer visits with surveys while performing account merge.
        If you open a visit with a survey added you will see that it is not possible to change the account.
        It is not possible to change the account assigned to a visit if the visit has a task or a survey added to it. It is not possible to change the account from the UI as well.
        Once a worklist (Tasks & Surveys) is generated for a Visit, the account for the Visit cannot be changed as the worklist is tied completely to the designated account.
        This is the expected behavior in C4C and works as designed.


Q4. Why does address of duplicate account is copied with surviving account during account merge?

Answer: This is the standard behavior, during the merge process there is a union of addresses of the merged accounts.
        As a 'Union' operator is used, which behaves as an 'AND' operator hence, both the records are available with surviving account.
        Though the selected account during merge is the one which appears as a main account.
        So, both the records will appear in surviving record as per the standard behavior.


Q5. Is it possible to merge obsolete Individual Customer accounts?

Answer: No, it is not possible to merge the obsolete Individual Customer account.
        When you create a New merge account, and try to select the obsolete Individual Customer account from the value selection drop down list, obsolete record is not present during selection.


Q6. Is it possible to include Extension Fields in Account Merge?

Answer: No, Extension Fields are not supported for Account Merge.


Q7.  Is there an event that triggered as a result of merge account action, that can be caught from Cloud Applications Studio?

Answer: We do not have such an event as a result of merge account action, that could be caught from Cloud Applications Studio.


Q8. Initiate Merge option is disabled for Duplicate Accounts.

Answer: Select the duplicate accounts and then you can see that the Initiate Merge gets enabled.


Q9. What type of Installation Points are transferred from one account to another after performing an account merge?

Answer: Installation Points are only transferred if they are of type "Registered Product" and are either with status "In Preparation" or "Active"


Q10. I am performing a merge between accounts that have Quotes and Leads assigned to them. The Leads are transferred correctly between accounts, but Quotes not. What is the issue?

Answer: For Leads, the data is grayed out in the frontend, but in the backend the data is changeable, hence, the Leads will be transferred. For Quotes the data cannot be changed neither from frontend or backend, hence Quotes are not transferred upon account merge.


Q11. Can I merge different business partners together (i.e. Individual Customer with Contact, Account with Individual Customer)?

Answer: No. It's only possible to merge two or three business partners of the same role — two or three accounts, two or three individual customers, two or three contacts. You can, however, merge an account with a prospect as long as the prospect is not the surviving record.


Q12. Can a business partner merge be reverted automatically?

Answer: No, currently there is no automatic option to revert merged business partners to their previous state.

Q13. Why does the currency changes in opportunities that are linked to the record that is not the surviving one?

Answer: Due to changes in the Sales Organization, the currency calculation gets re-triggered in opportunity. It first looks for currency in the Sales Data, and if it does not find it there, it will look for it in the Sales Organization or in the Company.


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