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A requisition is essentially a hiring order — a request that kicks off the recruiting and hiring processes. A typical requisition describes the role to be filled, including the job description, place in the organization, physical location and other relevant detail an approver, recruiter or candidate may need to know. Most requisitions follow a business process that takes them through approval, posting, active recruiting, hiring and closure. This Knowledge Base Article provides tipis and tricks for the XML configuration of the Job requisition, as well as FAQ for Requisition issues.


Job Requisition XML

Step 1: Define the necessary configuration before uploading the Job requisition template:

  • create picklsits used for the picklist type field definitions
  • if jobcodes are in use, please complete the Job Classification configuration in Employee Central: 2267563
  • Define application status set and application statuses
  • First configure Candidate Profile (2343467) and Application (2339087) templates
  • Provisioning > Company Settings - enable following:
  • Performance Appraisal Smart Form
  • Competency Library Management Suite
  • Workflow
  • Plus UI
  • Question Object Management
  • Recruiting
  • Recruiting V12 UI framework
  • Version 11 UI framework
  • Enable Advanced Find User Component
  • Recruiting Application
  • Admin Center - enable / configure following:
  • Set up job boards > Country and State / Province Values Set up
  • Recruiting languages


Steo 2: Configure the Job requisition template in the following order:

1. Define the template name

2. Set supported languages

3. Define field definitions

  • NOTE: Verify with the Implementation guide the list of standard field definitions and make yourself familiar with the special functionalities for the standard fields;

4. Set field permissions

5. Set button permissions

6. Define section names

7. Configure listing fields

8. Define mobile fields (please note max 50 fields are supported for the mobile app!)

9. Add an assessment scale for the Interview Central

  • Please review the following Knowledge Base Article for more information: 2342863 - How to enable and configure Interview Central? - Recruiting Management

10. Configure application status:

  • set application status
  • set field permissions for multi-stage (please refer to 2343932)
  • set feature permissions

11. DO NOT DEFINE offer letter (remove, if this is still present in the job requisition template)

12. Define application template name

Step 3: Upload XML

  • NOTE: If necessary correct the errors shown in the XML validation in Provisioning; Additionally you can validate the configured XML against the DTD (please find attached to this Knowledge Base Article or download from here.  

Step 4: Configure reportable custom fields (more information can be found here: 2081508 and here: 2315734)

Step 5: Configure custom tokens

Step 6: Define Internal and External Applicant search settings

1. Edit the settings

2. Select search options to enable

3. Configure filter fields (P-C relationships, picklists, field labels)

4. Select grid orders

5. For internal site, select operator contact to display


XML Tips and Tricks:

  • You cannot define a default value for any fields except defaultLanguage and currency on the Job Requisition. You can additionally define defaulr requisition status in Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Settings (2081391)
  • Do not change the field type of a field; this can cause application errors on existing records storing data that do not match the new field type
  • Use the following HTML in the CDATA value to define a table with a background color to separate sections of the requisition. Replace the background color hexcode with the client’s preferred brand color, and replace the field label as appropriate to the field.

<table frame="border" width="100%"> <tr><td style="background-color:#6699FF"
valign="bottom"><b>FIELD LABEL</b></td></tr> </table>

Further configuration for job requisition:

You will have to configure the following to complete the Requisition configuration:

- Route Map settigns (pre-approve workflow):2345224 2208563

- Set up Form Template Settings: 2345218

- Grant permissions to create job requisitions: In order to create job requisitions 3 pre-requisites have to be met:

  • User Logn permission in RBP / user added to default user group for non-RBP (more information here: 2238753)
  • Create forms permission has to be granted (more information here: 2081279
  • Uncheck the permissions to Hide job requisition creation methods (more information here: 2285546)


See also the Knowledge Base Article: Top 10 Reasons Why you cannot create a job requisition - Recruiting Management 2272185



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