2343631 - [EU] LMS user connector HIRE_DTE Issue

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2343631 - [EU] LMS user connector HIRE_DTE Issue


Customer while using LMS User Connector, the HIRE_DTE format is not working.

We have the transformation logic of user.field.transform.date.format.HIRE_DTE.MMM-dd-yyyy\ HH\:mm\:ss=yyyymmdd but even after this, we get an error as Invalid date format. The same transformation logic though works well for SFUser Connector but seems not working for LMS User connector.



  • Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

1) configure the connector

2) enter the transformation logic for HIRE_DTE field.

3) Connector is scheduled to pick the file from SFTP server

4) After connector run, the error - Invalid Date format comes.


1. Review Connector Configuration from Customer Instance.

2. Check that the following tag it is correct: user.field.transform.date.format.HIRE_DTE.MMM-dd-yyyy\ HH\:mm\:ss=MM/dd/yyyy

3. Check if customer has this tag: user.connector.input.file.field.transformation.enable=false and put it to True or Remove it.


NOTE: The Transform date format Hire_date can be user in Sf User connectort (Bizx-LMS) and the User connector.


  • User connector
  • Hire_date connector issue
  • user.field.transform.date.format.HIRE_DTE.MMM-dd-yyyy\ HH\:mm\:ss=MM/dd/yyyy
  • Transform date error
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