2343537 - Full HRIS Sync Job Fails with Remote Exception Error ORA-00001

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2343537 - Full HRIS Sync Job Fails with Remote Exception Error ORA-00001


Full HRIS Sync fails while daily HRIS sync completed without failure. Both sync jobs use the same admin ID. The full HRIS sync job was set to sync as far back as 01/01/1900.  

The error displayed in the job detail log shows remote exception error ORA-00001: unique constraint violated (username).

HRIS Full Sync Failure Details (excerpt):

Full exception:com.successfactors.jobscheduler.ScheduledJobExecutionException: com.successfactors.sca.ServiceSystemException: Remote Exception: RuntimeException; nested exception is: com.successfactors.sca.ServiceSystemException: Remote Exception: SQLException thrownORA-00001: unique constraint (STG4SFV4_STOCKPM1610.UC_USER_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME) violated.

Note: [remainder of job run detail log information removed for simplicity]


The root cause of the problem is related to the configuration of the HRIS Sync Mapping in the Succession Data Model (SDM). In this case the standard-element field "username" is mapped to a custom string field in HRIS element "personInfo". The custom-string field contained duplicate data, therefore, when it was synced with the username field the system failed to complete the sync job since all "usernames" must be unique.

HRIS Sync Mapping from SDM:

    <hris-element-ref refid="personInfo">
      <hris-mapping >
        <hris-field-ref refid="custom-string1"/>
        <standard-element-ref refid="username"/>


To resolve the problem, the duplicate information in the custom-string field must be changed such that each field contains unique data. Once all the data in the custom-string field is unique the full HRIS sync job will run without error.

Alterntively, the Full HRIS Sync will run if the reference to the sync mapping of the custom-string field to the username field is removed. This may work as a temporary workaround if the duplicate data in the custom-string field cannot be changed first.



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