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2341764 - Workforce Analytics (WFA) Refresh - FAQ


This KBA has been created to explain the Refresh for Workforce Analytics Data. WFA Refreshes are carried out by your dedicated PS-IS WFA consultant.

What is a WFA Refresh?

WFA refresh is a tasks to update your WFA instances with the new informations, files provided on our WFA SFTP.

As of today, WFA is based on extracted files that are provided by the customer from different HRIS system or extracted from your Successfactors environement by internal script. This steps are defined during the WFA implementation with your Professionnal Service. Internally, we, SuccessFactors, refresh manually your WFA data once the files are provided or received on the WFA SFTP.

The Refresh Proccess

Once WFA implemented and live, you should have been provided by your PS team the following:

  • WFA refresh Frequency (Bi-weekly/ Montly?)
  • What date is plan the refresh?
  • A dedicated SuccessFactors SFTP with credentials.
  • Do the customer provide the Extract files on the SFTP or we run a script to export your information from SuccessFactors automaticly? (This is define during your implementaiton) 

Important: If the customer send the files manually on their WFA SFTP, The customer should notify CPS when the files are available to proccess for the WFA refresh. (See section: Contact CPS for WFA Refresh). The file should also respect the name and format provided by the PS-IS team. In case of different format or incorrect name, Our ADR system will not be able to retrieve your WFA files and to proccess for the refresh.

Refresh proccess.png

Contact CPS for your WFA refresh

You should contact us once you have sent the files required fon your WFA SFTP dedicated. Make sure the files are in the correct format and name for us to proccess for the WFA refresh.

Refresh incident should be open using Launchpad:




WFA: Workfoce Analytics application

ADR: Automated Data Retrieval

PS-IS: Professional Services Infomration Services Team - This is the team that process the WFA montly refresh.

Variance Report: Report produced by PS-IS to highlight variances in key inpput measures accrocors multiple time perioeds (End o f period hadcount, Terminations,Hires etc). This reoprt can indicate potential data issues for the refresh.

Missing Codes Report: Customers typically update dimension values eg Job Type, Recruitment Source. These new values may begin to appear in the employee data however the dimension hierarchy may not have been updated by the customer. This report highlights these 'unallocated' codes to allow the customer to update their HRIS in preparation for the next refresh.




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