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2341695 - Admin settings and permissions - Recruiting Management


This is a Master Knowledge Base Article summarizing the knowledge base for Admin Center features and permissions for Recruiting Module.

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Recruiting Management Permissions

Admin Center administrative tools for Recruiting Management

Review first:

Role-Based-Permissions Administration Guide



Recruiting Management Permissions

Step 1: Grant permissions to Recruiting Permissions (only for non-RBP):

Non-RBP: Admin Centre > Administrative Privileges > select a user or a group of users > Managing Recruiting > grant Recruiting Permissions access:

12-07-2016 14-46-05.png

RBP: no additional configuration at this point is required;


Step 2: Grant Recruiting permissions to individual users / group of users:

Non-RBP: Admin Center > Recruiting Permissions > select a user or a group of users > grant / revoke Recruiting permissions:

12-07-2016 11-59-22.png

RBP: Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > select Permission Role > Recruiting Permissions:

12-07-2016 12-04-45.png


Recruiting Permissions:

Recruiting Permission Description Additional information (KBA Link)

Background Check Initiate Permission

Background Check Update Permission

required to initiatie and update background check 2343018 - RCM Integration with third party vendors - Recruiting Management

Grants permissions to the Candidate Search from Job Requisition:
12-07-2016 12-13-39.png

12-07-2016 12-14-08.png

2341689- How to grant permissions to the Candidate search within job requisition? - Recruiting Management
Candidate Tagging Permission

enables adding Tags in the Candidate Profiles for Recruiting users:

2081460 - Candidate Tags - Recruiting
Grant eQuest Job Postings Permission enables the possibility to post jobs to job boards via eQuest:
12-07-2016 12-38-55.png
2103948 - What is eQuest? - Recruiting Management
Jobs Applied Portlet Permission enables access to view the Jobs Applied portlet on the Candidate Profile and Application records:
2081364 - Jobs Applied Portlet permissions, hyperlink not appearing - Recruiting Management
Report Permission

Access to the “Reports” link on the Recruiting tab - please note that this feature is depreciated and we recommend to use Ad Hoc reporting for Recruiting V2 or Recruiting V2 Secured instead:

12-07-2016 13-22-58.png

2080931 - "Reports" link - Recruiting
Source Quality Portlet Permission

Access to the “Source” sub-tab on the Recruiting tab; This subtab shows a scatter plot of the top 10 sources, distributed by performance and cost of hire (as percent of salary). This is an out-of-date feature that is not useful to clients, because it requires manual data upkeep. It is recommended not to enable this feature in Provisioning > Company settings ("Enable Source Quality Portlet"):

12-07-2016 13-28-54.png


Hide "Copy Existing Job Requisition" option on the create requisition page

Hide "Browse Families & Roles" option on the create requisition page

Hide "Create New Job Requisition from Blank Template" option on the create requisition page


If permission is granted to any od the "hide" permissions, the user won't see the job requisition creation method - revoking permissions to these permissions actually enables the creation method to relevant users:

12-07-2016 13-35-15.png

2285546 - Error: "You do not have permission to the necessary job requisition creation methods." appears when trying to create a job requisition - Recruiting Management
Standalone Search Permission

Permission to the Candidates tab under Recruiting, from where permissioned users can search for candidates:


2081416 - Candidate Search Permissions: Standalone Search Permission - Recruiting

Onboarding Initiate Permission

Onboarding Update Permission

required to initiatie and update onboarding

2278903- Report on 'Initiate Onboarding' Function


SFAPI Retrieve Candidate Permission

SFAPI Insert Candidate Permission

SFAPI Retrieve Job Application Permission

SFAPI Insert Job Application Permission

SFAPI Update Job Application Permission

SFAPI Retrieve Job Code Permission

SFAPI Update Job Code Permission

SFAPI Insert Job Code Permission

SFAPI Upsert Job Code Permission

SFAPI Retrieve Job Requisition Permission

SFAPI Update Job Requisition Permission

SFAPI Delete/Restore Job Requisition Permission

SFAPI Insert Job Requisition Permission

SFAPI Upsert Job Requisition Permission

SFAPI Retrieve Job Posting Permission

SFAPI Retrieve Job Applicant Permission

SFAPI Retrieve Assessment Order Permission

SFAPI Update Assessment Report Permission

OData API Application Create

OData API Application Export

OData API Application Audit Export

OData API Application Update

OData API Candidate Create

OData API Candidate Update

OData API Job Requisition Create

OData API Job Requisition Export

OData API Job Offer Export

OData API Job Offer Create

OData API Offer Letter Create

OData API Job Requisition Update

Permissions required for API Operations 2323622 - Entity level SFAPI/OData API Permission for Recruiting management

Recruiter RMK SSO Permission

For RMK customers a permission to enable Recruiter Single Sign On and access to RMK Dashboard from Recruiting:

RMK dashboard.JPG

2216935 - Provide Access to RMK Dashboard in Admin Center

Careers Tab Permission

Access to the Careers tab:

12-07-2016 14-14-06.png

2081531 - Careers tab for internal candidates - Recruiting

Delete Job Requisitions

Permission to delete job requisitions - enables a delete button from the Job requisition page (for approved and closed job requisitions):


2081539 - Delete Job Requisitions - Recruiting Management

Enable Calendar

Enables "My calendar" tab for customers with Interview Scheduling:

12-07-2016 14-37-03.png

2342883 - How to enable and permission Interview Scheduling? - Recruiting Management

Enable Interview Scheduling Permission

enables the "Interview Scheduling" tab under Recruiting:

12-07-2016 14-33-17.png

2342883 - How to enable and permission Interview Scheduling? - Recruiting Management

Access LinkedIn Site

enables access to LinkedIn Cross Site Awareness Settings:

12-07-2016 14-38-06.png



Admin Center administrative tools for Recruiting Management

In order to access administrative tools from Admin Center, relevant users have to be first granted permissions:

Step 1: Grant access to administrative privileges (only for non-RBP environments)

Non-RBP: Admin Centre > Administrative Privileges > select a user or a group of users > Managing Recruiting > grant Manage Recruiting Administration access:

12-07-2016 14-46-05.png


RBP: no additional configuration at this point is required;


Step 2: Grant Recruiting admin permissions to individual users / group of users:

Non-RBP: Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Administration > select a user or a group of users > grant / revoke Recruiting admin permission:

12-07-2016 14-51-12.png

RBP: Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > select Permission Role > Manage Recruiting:

12-07-2016 14-52-43.png

Recruiting Administration tools:

Administration tool


Additional information (KBA Link)
Detailed Requisition Reporting Privileges

This feature is used in combination with Recruiting V2 Secured reports. While V2 Secured reports usually allow a user to report on data to which they have a specific relationship like recruiter or hiring manager, a user may need to report on more data than they have a relationship to, but less data than everything in the system. For example, a user like an HR Generalist supporting the Finance division may need to report on recruiting data for only the division they support.
An admin must set up this special additional access for users.

2082105 - Ad Hoc V2 Secured Reports - Recruiting Management
Employee Referral Program Setup Referral Ownership rules and Employee Referral Program Information can be set by navigating to Admin Center > Managing Recruiting > Setup Employee Referral Program1 2081998 - Employee Referral - Recruiting Management
Edit Applicant Status Configuration Applicant Status Configuration is a tool to manage statuses available for the application pipeline. It also allows to configure status-triggered e-mails, when candidates are moved through the pipeline. 2080952 - Applicant Status Configuration - Recruiting Management
Export New Hire Candidates The New Hire Export functionality allows clients to export a pre-built CSV export of candidates in a Hired-category status 2081502 - New Hire Export - Recruiting
Manage Recruiting Custom Help Text Custom Help Text is used to provide additional information about the purpose of a field for users doing data input into the field 2103982 - Manage Recruiting Custom Help Text - Recruiting Management
Manage Duplicate Candidates With "Manage Duplicate Candidates" you have the option to search for and merge duplicate candidate profiles, histories, or applications into one primary profile so centralized information is available to all recruiters. 2103863 - Merge Duplicate Candidate profiles - Recruiting Management
Manage external data privacy consent statements Used for DPCS 1.0 to create privacy statement for external career portal. 2341230 - DPCS 1.0 - how to enable version 1.0 of Data Privacy Consent Statement and how to set up privacy statement - Recruiting Management
Manage External Password Policy This feature allows a different set of rules to be specified for the password strength on passwords set up by external candidates than the rules applied to internal candidates. 2145990 - External Password Policy - Recruiting Management
Manage External User Accounts Occasionally third party systems integration partners issue their own usernames and passwords. In order to facilitate seamless login with those tools, SuccessFactors Recruiting maintains the third party username and password and associates it to a BizX account. 2342159 - Manage External User Accounts - Recruiting Management
Manage internal data privacy consent statements Used for DPCS 1.0 to create privacy statement for internal career portal. 2341230 - DPCS 1.0 - how to enable version 1.0 of Data Privacy Consent Statement and how to set up privacy statement - Recruiting Management
Manage Job Posting Header and Footer You can define Header and Footer content which can be then added to job requisitions 2081562 - Job Posting header and footer - Recruiting Management
Manage Offer Letter Templates In Manage Offer Letter Templates you can define templates used for the Offer Letter. 2104613 - Offer Letters - Recruiting Management
Manage Recruiting Email Templates In Manage Recruiting Email Templates you can define templates used for: status-triggered e-mails, ad hoc sent e-mails to candidates and Recruiting E-Mail Triggers 2225942 - ecruiting E-Mails - how to define templates and trigger e-mails in the Recruiting Management module
Manage Recruiting Groups Recruiting Groups are used for 2 purposes: First - you can restrict the pool of users who can be selected as an operator on the job requisition. Second - you can add Recruiting Groups to Recruiting Teams.

2291571 - Recruiting Groups: Limit who can be selected as an Operator in the Requisition

2216585 - How to Activate Team Recruiting

Manage Recruiting Languages

All languages enabled in the instance should be enabled for Recruiting. Language packs have an associated cost, so if the client asks for additional languages, or if there is a discrepancy between the languages in the Schedule A and the languages enabled for the instance in Provisioning > Company Settings consult your Practice Manager.
Languages must be enabled to allow proper requisition posting, editing of applicant statuses, etc.

Manage Recruiting Settings After completing the baseline configuration settings in Provisioning, configure settings in Recruiting Admin. These initial baseline settings relate to multiple aspects of Recruiting, such as Requisition and Offer, to set the stage for configuring the system according to specific client needs. 2081391 - Manage Recruiting Settings - Recruiting Management
Manage Recruiting Sites Recruiting sites (also called microsites) allow you to define multiple search landing pages for candidates, complete with unique logos, text, and pre-set search filters.
Every client instance has both a Default career site (default for external candidates) and an Internal site
(default for internal candidates).
2081355- Manage Career Sites - Recruiting
Manage Twitter Integration Settings Enabling the twitter integration will automatically post jobs on twitter when the jobs are posted on the external Career Site and/or eQuest. 
The Twitter (tweet) job posting will follow this text format (only in English):
"(Company_Name) is hiring a (Job_Req_Title) - (TinyURL to career site posting)" 
When a User clicks the Twitter (tweet) link, the URL will take her/him to the specific job posting page on the default external career site. 
Set up Agency Access

An administrative user can set up multiple agencies, and each agency can contain multiple users.
The admin can switch between various agencies to manage them and make changes by clicking the Agency ID drop down. The agencies appear alphabetically within the drop down list.
Recruiting users with permissions to manage agencies have access to all agencies. You cannot permission agency users to access only a sub-set of agencies. There are presently no options for different navigation methods to sort through the agency list.

2342261 - Agency Portal - Set Up Agency Access - Recruiting Management
Set up Internal Candidate Search The searching of internal candidates can be disabled entirely or limited to where a date field on the Employee Profile is X number of days from today or earlier. For example, clients may wish to only allow internal candidates to be found in candidate search if the “ready to develop” date on their Employee Profile was 30 days from today or earlier. 2300590 - Set Up Internal Candidate Search Feature to limit or disable internal candidate search
Set up Job Board Options The allowable values for the industry, country and stateProvince fields on the requisition are set up using Job Board Options 2081296 - Job Requisition: Countries - Recruiting
Manage Recruiting Team Settings For each recruiting operator type, only a single user could be assigned to a role and only these users had access to the job requisitions to perform the required operations 2082005 - Team Recruiting - Recruiting
Delete Candidate Delete Candidate is a feature available when using DPCS 2.0 2081587 - Deleting External Candidates - Recruiting
Configure Legal Minimum Obligation Period If the candidate is in a disqualified / rejected status, his application data is retained in the system due to settings in Admin Center > Configure Legal Minimum Obligation Period. 2234728 - DPCS 2.0: Legal Minimum Obligation Period settings
Configure Standardization Mapping Candidate Standardization Mapping is a configuration required for Resume Parsing and Apply with LinkedIn

2082051 - Standardization Mapping - Recruiting Management

Setup Onboarding Integration Feature to integrate RCM with ONB 2285578- Add field to Onboarding Integration setup, the list of criteria
Manage Assessment Vendors Place to upload Assessment vendor information 2343018 - RCM Integration with third party vendors - Recruiting Management
Setup Recruiting Marketing Job Field Mapping Feature to integration RCM with RMK 2173664 - Standard Data Fields for Recruiting Marketing Jobs - Recruiting Marketing
Recruiting Email Triggers Feature to configure templates and recipients for Recruiting E-mail triggers 2081524 - New Recruiting Email Triggers - Recruiting
Restore Deleted Job Requisitions Feature to restore deleted job requisitions 2144775 - Restore a deleted job requisition - Recruiting
Mass Delete of Job Requisitions Feature to delete job requisitions "en masse" 2315737 - Mass delete job requisitions - Recruiting Management
Reassign Job Requisitions Administrative users with the proper permission(s) can reassign job requisitions to other recruiting users if there is a change in assignment or a user becomes inactive 2082171 - How to reassign job requisitions - Recruiting
Feature to establish connection with Outlook Exchange server for Interview Scheduling Integration 2271568 - Outlook Integration for Interview Scheduling - Recruiting Management
Import Job Role Tags A feature to upload job role tags for the "Browse Families and Roles" job requisition creation method. 2081299 - Job Role Tags - Recruiting



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