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2341240 - DPCS 2.0 - how to enable version 2.0 of Data Privacy Consent Statement and how to set up privacy statement - Recruiting Management


This Knowledgebase Article explains how to enable and set up Data Privacy Consent Statement version 2.0. It also explains how to report on DPCS 2.0 approval.


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Please note that enabling requires SAP Professional Services or Partner Team engagement. Also, If there are any applications in the withdrawn statuses (Deleted On Demand By Candidate / Deleted on Demand By Admin / Declined DPCS / Withdrawn By Candidate) DPCS 2.0 can be not reverted/disabled. It is recommended to first configure DPCS 2.0 in the test instance before moving changes to production environment. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base Article: 2249799

Also - enabling DPCS 2.0 for internal or external candidates will require ALL already existing candidates to accept the statement. It won't be possible to proxy as internal candidate and apply on his behalf as long as the candidate doesn't log into instance and accepts the DPCS 2.0 statement. This will also happen each time the statement text is edited.

1) Enabling DPCS 2.0

1. Go to Provisioning > Company Info > Enable "Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0"

2. Go to Provisioning > Edit Candidate Privacy Statement and enable Data Privacy Settings for DPCS 2.0

NOTE: If DPCS 1.0 was enabled, you have to disable DPCS 1.0 first:

- Disable all boxes for DPCS 1.0
- Save settings
- Change from DPCS 1 to DPCS 2
- Enable DPCS 2 for internal / external candidates
- Save settings:



DPCS 2.0 requires also using version 2.0 of DRM - please review the Knowledge Base Article about Data Retention Management: 2088065 which also explains how to enable the feature.

When using DPCS 2.0 Candidate Profile / Application and Offer Detail data is not permanently purged, but anonymized. Anonymization has to be additionally conifgured. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base Article for more information about anonymization: 2080965. Here: 2166333 you can find an instruction on configuring anonymization.

2) How to set up statements for DPCS 2.0

When DPCS 2.0 is enabled and you don't define any statement, you will receive an error: "Cannot find valid dcps for the dpcs type of 1", if you try to create a new candidate profile (2321135)

In order to set up a statement for DPCS 2.0:

1. Go to Admin Centre > Data Privacy Consent Statement Settings

2. Set up at least on statement.

3. Click "Create New Statement":



4. Define countries and statement text in different languages:



3) Reporting on DPCS 2.0 statement approval:

In order to report on candidate profiles where DPCS 2.0 statement is accepted or declined:

1. Navigate to Admin Centre > Data Privacy Statement

2. Click "View History":


3. Click "View Log":




4. You can pull a detailed report on DPCS 2.0 acceptance / declination:





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