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2340762 - Restrict user from registering into multiple Scheduled Offerings in an item for a period - Registration Threshold


How to restrict users from registering into multiple Scheduled offering during a certain period?
What is the use of Registration Threshold in the item summary?


SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


For finding the Registration Threshold Days field, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to an Item
  2. Under Summary Tab click in View All
  3. The Registration Threshold Days is under Process Control
  4. Fill the field with the number of days the user is not allowed to register again in another scheduled offering of the selected learning item
  5. Hit the "Save" button to apply the changes

The Registration Threshold Days function sets the number of days that the user is not allowed to register again in another scheduled offering of the selected learning item. For example: If "User A" registers for a scheduled offering 'CPR' which is scheduled for every day of the week for the next 14 days. Setting the Registration Threshold days to 14 prevents users from enrolling in more than one scheduled offering of the selected learning item within the 14 day period other scheduled offerings of the same learning item are being offered. The User won't even be able to find the item in a catalog search.

The intent of the "Registration Threshold Days" field is to avoid people enrolling in multiple offerings and showing up to their favorite, and being a no-show at the others. This forces users to pick the one they actually plan to attend.

  • This works same for completed items and No show status. If a User is trying to register again for the item which is already marked as complete and has registration threshold set, then until the number of days mentioned in the "Registration Threshold Days" is passed, user will not be able to register for the new offering of the same item. The function doesn't check for the Learning History of the User to see the Completion Status.
  • If you do not see Registration Threshold Days field in the item summary window, check if this field is enabled to be viewed by following:
    1. Navigate to System Admin -> Configuration -> Record Configuration
    2. Set "Select a record to configure" to "Item" in the dropdown
    3. Then in basic configuration move the field to the "Display" column.



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